Insta360 ONE X, best underwater 360 camera for scuba diving

by spotmydive

Spotmydive is, as you know, always in search of the last technological novelties and can therefore introduce you to the last action camera of the Insta360 brand that is able to film in 360 ° on land but also underwater diving!

This variety of camera, which we have been following for a few years, has grown since its creation in 2014. Originally from Shenzhen, it has become known in the world of photography and video with its Insta360 Air, Insta360 Pro and Insta360 ONE to capture 360 ° images. This year, the manufacturer is back in the spotlight with the new Insta360 ONE X Action Camera, featuring a variety of accessories including a waterproof case designed specifically for underwater video.

Already well equipped with video cameras, we are, however, very happy to have the opportunity to integrate 360 videos in our future montages. Let’s see together what this action camera has to offer.

A 360 camera very easy to handle

This action camera is very easy to use because it has only two buttons and one display screen. These features will speak even more to GoPro users. Users can connect to the ONE X app via a 5.8 GHz high-speed Wi-Fi connection to preview and control their real-time shots easily. The camera only weighs 115g and is 11.5cm long by 4.8cm wide.

In video mode, is it the best 360 camera?


The resolution is a fairly common defect found on many cameras 360 but with Insta360, it is not the case. You’ll be able to shoot with a maximum resolution of 5.7K at 30fps, 4K at 50fps, or 3K at 100fps for professional results. The sensor of the Insta360 ONE X is a Sony CMOS 1 / 2.3 “with two wide-angle lenses of 200 ° and a f/2 aperture.


The Insta360 ONE X camera stands out from other action cameras with a powerful stabilizer that combines a 6-axis gyro system with a FlowState algorithm that analyzes motion and limits vibration on and underwater.

What is the autonomy of this 360 camera?

The 360 camera is equipped with a 1200 mAh battery that will allow you to record your videos non-stop for 60 minutes! This autonomy is rather generous given the fact that the camera has a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a GPS.

Very innovative modes of view for an action cam

On the Insta360 ONE X model, there are video modes that bring a real brilliance in the shots. Unfortunately, some of them require the purchase of additional accessories.

The dive mode

If you want to bring the Insta360 action camera with you during your dives or apnea sessions, you will also need to order the “Dive Case” 89.9 € that is a waterproof case for up to 30 meters. The dome lenses make it easy to take 360 ° underwater shots and to post-process your subjects. You will ensure to not to miss any fish that could be behind you.

Time Shift Mode

This mode allows users to manage the recording speed via cinematic slow motion or a stabilized hyper lapse acceleration. You can imagine that the possibilities are almost endless above the surface or underwater.

Bullet Time Mode

This mode makes it possible to slow down in 3K with a 360 ° field of vision. For that, it will be necessary to bring with you an accessory called the “Bullet Time Accessory” 39 € which will allow you to run the camera from the air during the recording of a video. Then just apply a “Bullet time” slowdown effect to get amazing results, worthy of a scene of action from the Matrix.

Invisible Pole Mode

For this you will need to purchase the associated accessory from € 19 to € 59. Using the ONE X app, users can automatically make the selfie stick invisible in filmed scenes, giving the impression that the camera is hanging in the air. The 3-meter long-range stick 59 € gives, on the other hand, the possibility of filming or photographing from the sky without a drone.

Drifter mode

It will again be necessary to go to your wallet to buy the Drifter 26 €, accessory that allows you to throw your camera in the air. This mode allows even more original shots unlocking angles impossible to film otherwise and creating a stunning effect.

A photo mode

The 360-degree camera is also effective in photo mode with a resolution of 18 MP that delivers a perfectly defined image even in low light. Users can manually change the image settings including ISO, exposure value, white balance and shutter speed to get the ideal shot. Images are saved in RAW or JPEG formats.

Video editing on the Insta360 One

Once your beautiful underwater videos are finished, the transfer to the iPhone or an Android-equipped phone can be done as well in Wi-Fi as with a Lightning cable type, Micro-USB, USB Type C that normally come with the Insta 360 ONE X camera.
To begin your video editing, you will need to download and install the companion application One X. With the application open, you will be able to edit your video content and switch from a 360 video to a standard video but also crop and re-edit the best parts of the video, a scene, or creating cinematic clips. When video editing is complete, the One X app allows developers to share their experiences directly on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social platforms via WiFi.

What is the price of the Insta 360 ONE X camera?

The Insta360 ONE X is available for € 459.95 and can be ordered today from

A good underwater camera: what is Spotmydive’s opinion

This action camera dusted the market a bit at the end of the year, bringing new ways of seeing things and a welcome recreational aspects. Once in hand, we have only one desire: it is to test the infinite possibilities offered by this camera. In diving, there are very few underwater cameras on the market for 360 ° recording.

For that reason, the camera Insta360 ONE can be a very interesting option for divers interested in this feature. It will be necessary to follow the manufacturer evolution to know if it plans to sale color filters that are essential for deeper depth filming. At the time of writing these lines, we have not yet been able to test the underwater camera version. We hope to try it very soon and share our impressions.

This camera is for you if:

  • You are looking for a versatile action camera land and sea
  • You like built-in modes that are easy to edit
  • You especially like diving at shallow depths
  • You only work with 360 ° shots
  • You like to be helped with video editing
  • You like the original view modes

This camera is not for you if:

  • You like to dive more than 30 meters deep
  • You do not like having to collect a lot of accessories while traveling.

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