iBubble, Best Autonomous Underwater Drone to Buy in 2019?

by spotmydive

The iBubble autonomous underwater drone will capture the best moments of your diving adventures in 4k

  • The iBubble can go down to 60 meters deep with a speed of 3.5 km/h
  • It has an autonomy of one hour underwater and returns automatically as soon as it runs out of energy
  • Wireless bracelet allows divers to control the drone
  • It automatically avoids obstacles and is totally silent

Ibubble our review

At Spotmydive it’s been a while since we dream to test the Ibubble! We have seen how it works in the pool at the last diving show in Paris and we will probably soon have the chance to try this gem of technology in the wild. No doubt, we will keep you informed of our tests.

IBubble, this name should be familiar to you! We already presented the concept of this new diving drone in 2021. Since then, the engineers of the company Notilo Plus, based in Grenoble, worked hard. Behind this autonomous underwater drone, we find a team of passionate divers and lovers of the underwater world. After years of testing and prototyping, the iBubble has enjoyed a lot of enthusiasm in all the shows where it was presented: Paris Diving Salon, Boot Show in Düsseldorf, ADEX in Singapore and the DEMA Show in Orlando. Zoom on this robot of French design that will revolutionize the way we dive.

iBubble : how it works?

As soon as it is immersed in the water, the iBubble autonomous underwater drone automatically switches on and detects divers in their immediate environment. Once this step is completed, he accompanies the diver equipped with a waterproof bracelet. iBubble will follow you during your immersion for 1 hour in silence and will not interfere in any way marine life. The connected bracelet allows, thanks to a wheel, to change prerecorded mode and so point of view. A number of options are possible :

  • Follow me : the drone will follow you
  • Follow a fish : thanks to the image recognition, the drone can follow an animal up to a maximum distance of 25 meters
  • 360° shot : make 360 degree footage
  • Zoom in/zoom out : easy to understand!

The ibubble drone can also be used in manual mode. Always thanks to your bracelet, you will be able to recall the submarine robot to you, to capture and film what interests you. Very importantly, when the battery of your iBubble drone is almost exhausted, it automatically returns to the diver with the bracelet. All you have to do is hook it on your BCD and finish your dive with confidence.

Here at Spotmydive we already imagine the universe of possibilities that opens up to us with the appearance of new technologies of this level !

Who is iBubble for?

The submarine drone is for all ocean lovers whether divers, freedivers, underwater hunters, aquatic videastes or simple curious who wish to explore the water bodies around their homes. If the drone is above all a fun companion that will take beautiful underwater videos, it can also become an educational tool to help divers to improve their own movements or to study the underwater fauna. For this reason, we can imagine the role that the iBubble will take in the diving centers to rent for certified divers or as an assistant to divers who have to pass their first levels. Diving cruise ships could also bring aboard iBubble drones to offer divers memorable memories of their aquatic expeditions.

Prestigious ambassadors

Ibubble relies on a network of ambassadors more prestigious than each other to test and promote its underwater drone. Among them, we can name the famous multiple world champions of freediving: Guillaume Néry, Umberto Pelizzari and Carlos Coste, oceanographer Francois Sarano; the director Didier Noirot or the biologist and photographer Laurent Ballesta.

An attractive price?

iBubble, with a price set at € 3,999.00 in pre-order, ranks in the mid-range segment of this market. There are many models of ROV aquatic robots equipped with a wire with prices ranging from 900 € to 10 000 €. However these robots, apart form and a camera does not offer at all the same underwater experience and the same performance. iBubble is a unique model because it is the only fully autonomous submarine drone on the market. If you want to invest in one of these devices ask yourself the question: Do you prefer a 100% autonomous drone or a ROV to fly from the surface?

If you like the product, you can pre-order iBubble directly from their website by paying a deposit of 30%. A range of additional accessories for iBubble is also available online such as extra batteries, a rigid carrying case or the awesome Explorer Pack to turn your iBubble into the most stable and agile ROV on the market.