HUGYFOT Vision, Best GoPro 5/6 Dive Housing?

by spotmydive

You are a scuba diver, you love bringing back memories from your underwater adventures and you own a GoPro 5 or a GoPro 6? You are at the right place then.

The Vision Hero is by far the most advanced GoPro underwater housing. In order to fully exploit your GoPro Hero 5 or 6, Hugyfot’s engineers have developed this robust and extremely versatile underwater camera housing.

Lucky us, we had the chance to test it, here our review about this high quality product!

Hugyfot Vision Hero review


Before starting, you might know that most of our footage in 2017 have been made with the previous model, the Hugyfot Pro+ underwater camera housing. It is the perfect opportunity for us to measure the difference between the 2 models and discover the new features.

Vision Hero underwater camera housing test

Once unpacked the Vision Hero is almost ready to use. Just be sure to fully charge your two lithium batteries one for the LCD screen and another one to increase the GoPro Battery and plug in your camera… this is it, your are ready! I forgot to mention the opening system, Hugofit decided to change the system and use a rotary eccentric quick closing mechanism. It is the first time for me using this kind of system, and surprisingly it is super secured and so easy to use.

I did not need too much time to understand how big was the difference with the previous model. The 7-inch back LCD screen is impressive, once turned on what a surprise, read the menu and navigate is even easier with the housing than directly on the GoPro! Underwater, I often need to change settings, perfect, the triggers are really responsive and accurate. I got a good feeling about this product!

Nevertheless, this new housing is heavier than the old Hugyfot Pro +, it is however more compact, no screen to lift, everything is made on the same block.

Made of solid aluminum, it is designed to resist at 200 meters deep and offers total control of the camera thanks to a rigid aluminum handle with 1″ mount balls. The two lithium batteries guarantee 5 hours autonomy, battery won’t be a source of anxiety anymore. The Vision Hero housing comes standard with a flip-up red filter and screen protection. Another good point, Hugyfot proposes a macro lens to film or photograph small underwater creatures. We hope to test this innovation quickly.

While scuba diving

The Vision Hero takes all its potential in the water. The weight constraint immediately disappears and the two aluminum side grips ensure optimal handling and perfect control of the underwater camera. Once under the surface, I just simply turned on the camera, flip down the red filter if needed and select the mode I need. Then I can focus on my dive and my film

I know that for my first dive, I will go through a cave. Perfect I have the opportunity to mount and test the 2 telescopics arms for extra lighting. Lights are easy to use and offer a wide beam angle, perfect for shooting video. But the major revolution come from the huge 7-inch HDMI monitor that displays all the details on the screen and is extremely useful when shooting, if you have a good buoyancy it will be impossible to miss your framing!

Please check our test video to understand why we loved it, nothing special, just different use case:

Is the GoPro6 a good underwater camera?

To be honest, the Gopro6 is an amazing camera on land, but underwater without housing we were not convinced, bringing back great shot from our underwater trip was way to difficult because of random framing, lack of stabilization and difficult handling.

Hugyfot decided to compensate all those weakness and take benefit from the Gopro 6 and the result is impressive. For your information, here some new feature of the latest Gopro electronic stabilization as effective as optical stabilization, video rates worthy of a semi-professional camera 4K / UHD in 60p, 2.7K in 120p, Full HD in 240p, image processing algorithms reviewed from top to bottom better dynamic, more accurate exposure, more accurate color rendering and digital zoom function, which allows you to get closer to a subject.




  • + The housing design looks amazing


  • + Very easy to use


  • + 7-inch screen, you won’t miss a footage anymore


  • + Really stable


  • + 5 hours battery


  • + GoPro always on top


  • + Very reactive triggers


  • + Easy to adapt light on it


  • + Red filter and macro lens adaptable



  • – A bit heavy, but you are a diver and use to it


  • – Price not for everyone


  • – Comes in a box and not a bag to carry it



We are just in love with this new product. There is no reason to travel without it anymore! This beautiful and tough underwater camera housing allows the GoPro to express its full potential. This waterproof Hugyfot is a good pick for all those who want to embark on the production of underwater movies. We would definitely recommend you to go for it!

One more information guys, we heard that Hugyfot is making a new housing for the Sony RX-100, we cannot wait to test it. We will definitely let you know when it will be ready!

If you need more information, please visit their website.

Vision Hero housing specifications

  • Underwater housing in solid aluminum resistant to seawater
  • Anodized and Teflon layer
  • Ergonomic trigger
  • Large front window for GoPro lens and LCD screen
  • Small front window for battery status indicator
  • Rotating quick closing mechanism
  • Flip-up red filter and screen protector
  • Aluminum handles with ball joint
  • Versatile wing
  • Max depth of 200 meters
  • HDMI 7 screen
  • Buttons for screen adjustment
  • Removable sun screen
  • Plug and Play installation of Hero 5 or 6
  • Pre-wired USB and HDMI system
  • 2 x Hama Premium Alu Power Pack 8000mAh 5h of autonomy
  • Double O-ring seal system
  • Macro lens hinge system