HUGYFOT PRO+, Best GoPro Dive Housing?

by spotmydive

Many divers are using those small action camera to film their submarine exploits, memorize aquatic wonders or share those amazing moments with our loved ones. At Spotmydive, we have been using GoPro cameras for a many years now but one cannot fail to observe that results are not forthcoming: images that move too much, very blue water, missed shot framing. In addition other problems can be quote, such as the difficulty of changing mode under water, the stiffness of the buttons, a not optimal handling and the lack of red filter etc. For all those reasons Spotmydive wanted to test a high-end underwater housing to bring our GoPro to a higher level.


Why use a Hugyfot housing when the GoPro housing allows us to take our camera to 40 meters? First of all these professional equipment will allow you to dive up to 200 meters deep without worrying about the waterproofing.

The housing is also equipped with a battery that extends the duration of the Gopro’s battery. A great news when you know how quickly their batteries discharge quickly even more in Full HD. The HUGYFOT housing promises a 6 hour autonomy, so there is no longer any risk to be out of power during your dive. Moreover, if you regularly use GoPro or other action cameras, whether snorkeling, free diving or scuba diving, you probably already realized that the result are not forthcoming images that moves, frames completely missed, pale blue colors. Thanks to its two large rigid aluminum handles you can shoot your footage with a maximum stability.

Another good point, a red filter and screen protection with hinges is directly integrated on the device. As soon as you go below 10 meters, you just have to position it in front of the objective so that you do not have a video with too blue rendering.

Last point but not least, you can fix lamps quickly and easily to your housing. These accessories are very useful for diving on wrecks, diving in caves but also for night dives or deep dives.


Let’s just say it right away, we were completely seduced by the product. The house is delivered in a compartmented and padded backpack where each accessory can fit. The housing and you camera will be perfectly protected during your travel. But the surprise didn’t stop with the bag, once unboxed, we were also very impressed by the design of this underwater camera housing. It is simply beautiful with its matte black anodized and Teflon coated material and its few red buttons easily identifiable. In addition to being very beautiful, the HUGYFOT HOUSING PRO+ seems really robust. For people not used to this type of equipment, the grip is done in a very simple and fast way, it took us only five minutes to understand the overall operation and to be able to use it. In the end, we did not even read the instructions manual provided.


But the most important thing is to see the performances while diving. In the water we used the housing with great pleasure. With the adjustable floats, we can very easily modify the buoyancy and according to our needs we could change it from negative, positive or neutral buoyancy.

Once underwater I immediately realized that this housing would become an integral part of my diver’s panoply. Everything is simple with only two triggers to manage the camera. The first to turn on the device and change the modes, the second to shoot videos or photos.

Thanks to its large front window for GoPro lens and a huge LCD screen you will not miss a video any more, you will frame exactly what you want in any position without having any surprises during the de-rushing and editing.

Once the dive is over, I just had to rinse the box with fresh water like the rest of my equipment and admire all my masterpieces that you could film or photograph during the dive.

Here some more Hugyfot housing specification :

  • Housing milled out of sea water resistant aluminium.
  • Black anodized and Teflon coated.
  • Ergonomic shutter release.
  • Large front window for GoPro lens and LCD screen.
  • Small front window for internal battery status indicator.
  • Rotary eccentric quick closing mechanism.
  • Red filter and screen protection with hinges.
  • Rigid aluminium handles with 1” arm balls.
  • Multi-purpose wing.
  • Depth rating 200m.
  • 7” HDMI monitor.
  • Push buttons for screen adjustment.
  • Large removable sun hood.
  • Plug and play installation of Hero 5 camera.
  • Pre-wired USB and HDMI system.
  • 2 x Hama Premium Alu Power Pack 8000mAh 5h battery life.
  • Dual O-ring sealing system.
  • Optional hinge system for macro lens available.


This kind of product is relatively expensive but it is an indispensable investment if you definitely want to improve your underwater video. Moreover you will keep this marvel of technology for years and never be disappointed. Spotmydive totally approves this model and we recommend it for you. If you want more information and buy it, here is the link of HUGYFOT.

Hugyfot just launched a completely new design and new concept Housing for the GoPro Hero 5, have a look.