How to choose your fins for scuba diving and snorkeling ?

by spotmydive

Mask, fins and snorkel are generally the first items a diver will buy for his equipment. With the help of our buying guide, you will find the main characteristics of these products in order to find out which correspond to your type and needs of diving. Regarding the scuba diving fins, they permit to push yourself move efficiently and easily in water, saving energy but you have to choose the right pair adapted to your real needs.

Open-Heeled vs Full-Footed Fins?

Comfortable foot pockets and efficient propulsion are the two main criteria to bear in mind when buying your fins. The quality of propulsion depends on your diving level and your type of diving. Always remember that a longer and stiffer blade means more powerful fins and should correspond to divers weight and experience!
For a perfect dive, the diver needs to choose between full-foot fins or adjustable or so-called open heel OH fins:

Adjustable strap fins

They are quite rigid, easy to put on and to adapt. They are generally used with boots instead of diving socks. Open heel fins are more suitable when starting the dive in jumping from outboard or when walking on pebbles, rocks…

Full-footed fins

More common are full-foot fins, which are perfect for barefoot use in moderate or tropic waters. For more comfort those fins are often used with 2mm diving socks. The ergonomic foot pocket the fin has a soft ergonomic liner, and holds your foot smoothly, transferring the power to the blade at the same time.
Below you will find a selection of the best full-foot and open heel fins for the season 2017. Of course it is an inexhaustible list, and other models may also suit your expectations.