FINCLIP, the easiest way to don/doff your scuba diving fins?

by spotmydive

Hello diver, here come a revolution. Paolo Piumatti and the Italian team DESIGNSUMISURA have just developed Finclip, a diving accessory that allows you to put your fins as easily as skis.

This accessory can be attached to almost all adjustable fins except the Scubapro Seawing Nova in only few second seconds without your hand. Avoiding bending your precious gear and stress your back. As it is possible to adjust the space between the heel and the end of the fin, this device can be fixed on fins of all sizes.

Easy to use before diving

To put on your fins, nothing is easier, just pull the heel piece down and place the elastic beneath the line of the fulcrum of the hinge. And when the foot is inserted, a simple pressing of the heel trigger the system that close. Its ergonomic heel is designed to avoid the consequences of the inevitable friction produced while kicking.

This system also allow you to easily remove your diving fins in the water. And to store them easily in its bag, simply fold the heel piece forward. For now Finclip is just a prototype. It will only be distributed if the crowdfunding project is successful. It will then be offered in 4 colors, black, yellow, fuchsia and blue.

Spotmydive can not wait to test it to give you our review.