Easybreath mask, lower price and new colors, it feels like summer

by spotmydive

Everybody that has ever practiced snorkeling, has already realised the disadvantages of the mask and the snorkel. The mask generally get covered of steam and on the other hand the snorkel is sometimes judged as unhygienic and can get full of water while practicing.The latest model of the popular Easybreath mask, a full face snorkeling mask, is looking to make snorkeling funnier and enjoyable for every fans. It allows you to breath easily underwater and to see what is going on in this wonderful world. Very often copied but never equaled, the full face snorkeling mask of Subea is one of the best product you can find on the market.

Maximum visibility underwater

The Easybreath mask from Subea covers your entire face and offers you the possibility to see at an angle of 180°. Besides, thanks to a double air flow, the steam can not appear on the mask’s glass. This way, the Easybreath snorkeling mask gives you the opportunity to have a wide field of view, without dealing with steam. This snorkeling mask should make every snorkel enthusiastic happy and free to observe the underwater life.

Just breathe like you use to

If the visual side of the Easybreath snorkeling mask has been much work, the main asset of this facial snorkeling mask is the way to breathe underwater. Indeed, it allows you to breathe very easily during the immersion and even in a natural way by means of technological advances. The snorkeling mask Easybreath from Subea gives you the possibility to breath through the nose and the mouth, without seeing any stream and without any efforts. Furthermore, with this mask, it is impossible to see the snorkel get full of water because of a little mechanism that prevent some possible inflows of water.

The snorkeling for everybody at an affordable price

A lot of people are considering the snorkeling like something really hard to practice. To get comfortable with the equipment, you need a lot of time. To breath in a snorkel is not that easy and can be very uncomfortable for some users. Nevertheless, the Easybreath snorkeling mask is a revolution in the snorkeling world in term of accessibility. First of all, the work and the efforts are tremendously reduced making the practice easier, therefore more affordable for all age groups. Moreover, the easybreath snorkeling mask is adaptable in several sizes, including one accessible from the age of 10. This mask is perfect for the whole family. When it was first launched, the Easybreath snorkeling mask was at the price of € 39.99. Today, the price has been reduced and you can find this snorkeling mask at the price of € 24.99 and available in 6 colors.

With its Easybreath snorkeling mask, the brand subea makes a big blow on the market. Available at a price more than affordable, the mask allows you to do snorkeling without real effort while maintaining a natural breathing sensation and a great view underwater. To make snorkeling a minimum accessible to all is not given to everyone, yet with its Easybreath snorkeling facial mask, Subea did it.