Diving Mask Thalatoo, Future Of Scuba Diving?

by spotmydive

Two guys from Montpellier, Boris Larchevêque and Emmanuel Brenon have just invented an accessory with integrated optical data! They created the french start-up “Thalatoo” to developp their concept. Starting from the fact that the diving gear was very heavy, far too heavy compared to the technology of the 21st century, they created a small accessory that can be attached to the diving mask and simply switched on with a button. With this new mask, your old dive computer will be unnecessary.

All the data you need during your dive are displayed in your field of vision: depth, heading, elapsed time, water temperature, decompression ans safety stop. If a danger occurs or something unexpected, you are notified in real time.

A new function will be added in 2018, telling you how much air you have left in your dive tank. This diving mask adapt to all sights, from myopia to presbyopia through astigmatism and hyperopia. The device is being tested in several diving clubs and will be commercialized in the second quarter of 2017.

We wish them good luck and success on this innovative project.

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