Divesoft.center : a must-have for convenient diving experiences

by Lukas Joseph

Divesoft continues in the development of their exceptionally user-friendly and easy-to-use software. Following the release of the Divesoft.app, the Czech Republic-based company is launching Divesoft.center; a software program which connects all your Divesoft devices for easy access and management.

Divesoft center offers the option of connecting to Freedom Force, Liberty 2021 Edition and newer products through Bluetooth. It allows users to manage and upgrade their equipment’s firmware, download dive logs and upload logs to Wetnotes. Bluetooth connection makes pre and post-dive communication with Divesoft equipment much easier, and the transfer of dive logs to Wetnotes.com is quick and convenient. Divesoft center is also compatible with Windows, Linux and iOS desktop devices.

Wetnotes.com is a useful, all-in-one web app which allows users to store, categorize, and edit dive logs including information about the locations visited, diving equipment used, etc. Divers can keep track of all dives simply by uploading information from their deco computer or rebreather. All information that is uploaded to Wetnotes.com is further analyzed making it possible to check performance in detail with easy-to-navigate charts available from the comfort of your home. 

Wetnotes.com helps with:

  • storing dive logs,
  • analyzing data from a diving computer or a rebreather,
  • interacting with the community,
  • sharing your diving experiences with others.

Not only is Divesoft.center an incredibly helpful data-managing app, but because of the online community component, allows you to share your diving experiences with others. You can visit other users’ profiles, get inspired by their own personal diving adventures and use this “social media” aspect of the app to explore more diving locations and let your friends know about them.