COSMIQ+ by Deepblu, our review about the dive computer

by spotmydive

Hey guys, thank you for reading us! The Taiwanese brand Deepblu sent us the latest COSMIQ+ their dive computer and we had the chance to test it. This dive computer is unlike any other on the market and has many assets to become a flagship product. It benefits from an affordable price of 399$, an LCD screen and a technology focused on sharing your dive parameters online.

Main setting

  • Modes: Scuba Diving, Free Diving, Nitrox, Watch, Logbook
  • Depth: Can go 100 meters deep
  • Algorithm: Bühlmann ZHL-16C
  • You can switch between: conservative, progressive and normal
  • Can dive in altitude: Yes
  • Battery: Run 7 hours or 4 weeks in standby mode
  • Screen: LCD

IS the COSMIQ+ any good?

For a fairly modest price, the dive computer arrives, delivered in a beautiful protective case containing an USB charger, two different wrist bracelets, screen protectors and the dive computer. We loved the design thank to its modern look, but we regret it’s a bit too for an everyday use.

The COSMIQ + dive computer is quite stylish with its large 2.2-inch LCD screen. Different colors of nylon bracelets will allow you to adjust your diver look to your computer. We received in our package a black bracelet and a military type bracelet.

The COSMIQ + is super easy to use. Some of you will be disappointed, this dive computer as no battery and can be charge via USB thanks to a very smart system of magnets. Your dive computer will never let you down if you have no spare battery on a liveaboard or during your dive trip. Once fully charged we did 8 dives with the computers so almost 7 hours without any problem.

COSMIQ+ features

Scuba diving with the COSMIQ +

While scuba diving, the COSMIQ + makes life easy. The first big advantage, the computer is easy to read even at night thanks to its LCD screen.

Only 2 buttons to change modes or adjust make this dive computer super easy to use. You can set the computer to progressive, normal, or conservative mode. Even in the progressive mode, the COSMIQ + is relatively conservative compared to many other dive computers. The COSMIQ + dive computer uses the Buhlmann ZHL-16C algorithm, a reference for all major manufacturers. As for what is displayed on the screen, you will find all the essential elements of the dive computer, such as the depth, the speed of ascent, the time before deco, the oxygen level and the water temperature.

Freedive with the COSMIQ +

This deepblu product is also an excellent computer for free diving. Large bold numbers and custom alarms make it easy to quickly assess your immersion time and depth, so you can focus on your breathing. The alarm can be configured to beep at certain depths or at a specific time. Its depth limit is set at 100 m.

Le COSMIQ +, a social dive computer?

Your COSMIQ + computer may be linked to the downloadable Deepblu app on Google Play or Apple Store. This social network offers the same functions as Instagram and Facebook to its users. You can post pictures or stories of your trips, comment on other divers’ publications and expand your network. Synchronizing your dive settings with the app is quick and easy. Simply connect the computer with Bluetooth to your mobile or iPad, and your logbook will be transferred. The application gives the possibility to add images to the log of your dives and gives a beautiful presentation of the whole. Be careful, the COSMIQ + only records the last 25 dives, so it will be important to empty your history frequently.

We liked

  • An excellent value price for a dive computer
  • The big and easy to read LCD screen
  • The Nitrox
  • The log book app
  • DeepBlu follow the feedback of these users

Could be better

  • The brand is not famous in Europe unfortunately you can’t manage your air via this device
  • Only 25 dives can be logged

Should you big the Comsiq+?

The COSMIQ+ is the great surprise for us! We tested it free diving, scuba-diving and with Nitrox mode. We were skeptical at first but finally we loved it and would recommend it to anyone.
Given its selling price, we can only advise you to purchase of this computer.