Comparative: full face snorkeling mask or Ameo Powerbreather, which one to choose?

by spotmydive

In recent years, technology has enabled watersport enthusiasts to fully indulge their passion. Many products have appeared on the market to improve our swimming, underwater breathing or underwater vision experience. Among these, we picked two products which particularly caught our eye thanks to their design and innovation.
Deciding between these two innovations which one revolutionizes the practice of swimming, snorkeling and freediving is complex. It is also difficult to identify which product is made for you, as it depends on their application and use. Lucky for you, Spotmydive has already reviewed these two product for you!

Full face masks and the POWERBREATHER are both very convincing. We compared the two products for you. Check out our verdict below!

Let’s begin with a quick summary. Released by Decathlon in 2013, the mask Easybreath has been an undeniable commercial success and has convinced millions of consumers around the world. Since then, many brands have decided to enter this niche market Head Sea Seen Dry, Ocean Reef Aria, October 180th Original Second Generation, SeeReef, Vanquish 180 °, midry pro, topjum.

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On the other side POWERBREATHER by AMEO is a unique high-end product from Germany that aims to offer a credible alternative to the old mask-snorkel combination thanks to an innovative design, absolute waterproofness and for the first time 100% fresh air. We have already had the opportunity to discover this funny new generation snorkel in a dedicated article.

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Sizes and Settings

When buying a full face mask, you have to be careful because there are different mask sizes depending on head sizes. Make no mistake because it will quickly lead to issues during your aquatic adventures. Lending your full face mask to your family or friends won’t be that easy. This kind of mask also requires more settings than a traditional mask to put on and take off. It also takes a little longer to remove in case of an emergency. However, the Ameo POWERBREATHER with the Twist Lock System can be adjusted manually and adapts to all head sizes. For a family of just one, the POWERBREATHER should be enough as the mouthpiece can be exchanged when necessary.

Big advantage for the Ameo Powerbreather!

Comfort and tranquility

One of the great strengths of these two models of masks relies on their comfort well above traditional set masks and snorkels. These products are easy to slip on and are designed to be the most comfortable possible. Even if the POWERBREATHER fits very well and is very comfortable to wear, having a mouthpiece in the mouth makes the experience less comfortable than the full face mask.
However please note that full-face masks are not designed for swimming and are developed for related snorkeling on the surface of the water.

Advantage full face mask


The integrated snorkel mask offers a system that allows you to remain silent while swimming because the air is not released into the water. On the contrary, the AMEO POWERBREATHER expels the air via a purge located in front of the mouth as for scuba diving. The result is a stream of bubbles upon expiration.

Victory for the full face mask

Vison and fog

The full face mask has an impressive 180° field of vision under water. You won’t miss out on any fish or coral while looking under the surface. The ingenious air circuit of the full-face mask has a further advantage than breathing comfort. Indeed, it also removes any fog of your field of vision! If you plan to go for a quiet contemplative trip underwater, we definitely believe the full face mask is for you.

Landslide victory for the full face mask


The full face mask air circuit system is really well-thought but not optimal while speaking about breathing efficiency. No fresh air at 100%, the level of CO2 in the mask depends on the quality of the mask but also on your swimming intensity. Air renewal is quickly limited resulting in a feeling of fatigue. Also if you are a crawl lover, it will be difficult to move your head freely, because of the mechanism preventing water from entering that will obstruct your breathing, it is therefore imperative to keep your head upright during your snorkeling sessions. And if you want to swim a little faster, the full face mask becomes really uncomfortable. The full-face mask is neither designed for swimming nor for longer snorkel tours including to submerge again and again. I think you understand that this kind of mask offers no possibility of performance. The Ameo POWERBREATHER is made for swimming, active snorkeling and skin-diving. Offering 100% fresh air continuously with two tubes positioned on each side of the head. The air is exhaled into the water via a valve located in the middle of the mouth. The goal is to suppress the accumulation of carbon dioxide to prevent shortness of breath during an effort.

Huge victory for the Ameo Powerbreather


Theoretically full face mask prevents any water from entering. In practice, the mask holds its promises only if you do not swim in a rough sea and you do not dive with it. If you do so, the Dry-Top mechanism won’t close every time, the water will definitely enters the mask and taking it out completely will be more than complicated. AMEO POWERBREATHER, thanks to its innovative valve system makes it possible to breathe even under conditions of heavy splashing or breaking waves, without any water infiltration. We did try to make water enter and it was really difficult for us to achieve our goal. But when we finally did it, the water was naturally and automatically purged into the water when exhaling.

Big advantage for the Ameo Powerbreather

While underwater

For the full face mask, the mask’s limit comes from its large volume of air much larger than that of a traditional mask and therefore as soon as you dive more than one meter’s deep, the pressure on the face becomes very unpleasant. Added to this the fact that you will not be able to equalize your ears with the Valsalva maneuvers because your nose is not accessible. Please do not intend to go freediving with this kind of product or you will arm yourself. Here no problem for the Ameo Powerbreather that allows dive to medium depth – up to 30 meters – and it can also quickly remove the tip of his mouth.

Huge victory for the Ameo Powerbreather


A full face mask weighs 1 kg against 450 grams for the set Ameo Powerbreather + snorkel mask. Moreover the Ameo Powerbreather will take less volume in your bag.

Ameo wins

Design and conception

Halfway between a cosmonaut and an alien, you will attract attention on the beach. Here it’s quite difficult to position ourselves, even if we think that the Ameo is more photogenic.


AMEO POWERBREATHER: from 89 euros to 124 euros

Full face mask: from 25 euros to 100 euros

Be aware that there is a huge range for full face mask, some are really good and others are quite bad not comfortable, high CO2 mixing, poor quality. If you decide to purchase one, prefer quality to price!


The integral mask is an excellent product for easy going snorkelers who are less experienced in snorkeling in the ocean and who just want to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. It is practical, easy to use, allows breathing in through the nose and the mouth, and offers a large field of vision without fog that will allow you to observe the seabed from the surface. However, it is not suitable for those who want to dive more than one meter deep, people who want to swim without any constraint and swimmers looking for performance. The Ameo Powerbreather offers a much wider range of applications: fast swimming, active snorkeling and freediving. Now you know, you can make your choice.