Colour filter vs Paralenz DCC

by spotmydive

When the Paralenz Dive Camera was released last year it immediately drew the attention of divers world-wide for its groundbreaking features designed with a full focus on scuba- and freediving.
These features solve many of the problems all other action cameras have when used for diving – You no longer need an additional housing and the camera goes 200 meters depth. The Auto Record mases sure you’ll never forget to start recording your dive. But, the most prominent advantage for many divers is that the Paralenz Dive Camera needs no color filters! The solution is called Depth Controlled Color, DCC™.


Why is the Paralenz DCC™ better that traditional filters


There are many reasons why the depth-controlled color correction from Paralenz is such a game-changer, we’ve listed a few below.


Amazing colors straight off the camera


Because the DCC™ continuously color grades the footage according to your depth it gives you the best colors possible for every single shot and lets you focus on the dive. You no longer have that red hue at the surface or dark/blue image at depth that you get from the external red filter that is needed for all other action cameras. Never worry about color correction again!

More light means more color


Whenever you put a filter in front of the lens, it absorbs the light, just like when you put on sunglasses. The result is blurry and dark footage. The Paralenz Dive Camera doesn’t need filters! – This means that all that nice light goes straight to the lens and lets the DCC™ work its magic.


No fiddling with flimsy filters


There is an endless variety of color filters available – different colors for different depths and water types, some are built to flip and some hang on strings from the camera. They all need to be changed whenever you change depth, they are cumbersome, fragile, they can get lost or break. The Paralenz® Dive Camera doesn’t need filters! Nothing to get lost, to forget or change.

Bored of color grading footage?


When using external color filters you will still need to adjust the colors in post-production software in order to get colors closer to reality. With the Paralenz® you don’t, this means that it is much easier and faster to share colorful footage straight after the dive from the Paralenz Dive App on you phone or tablet.


Much more than just better colors


DCC is much more than just beautiful colors – you get sharper and brighter images straight of the camera without the hassle of filters and need for color grading. And most important of all, it let´s you focus on your dive and not on your camera!