Chris Benz watches best underwater watch?

by spotmydive

A diver’s watch that combines history and passion

CHRIS BENZ is the grandson of a watchmaker from the Duchy of Württemberg. An avid water sports enthusiast and an accomplished diver, he spends most of his time underwater rather than on the surface. Starting from the simple observation that experienced sportsmen were not satisfied with the diver’s watches available on the market, he decided to make a diver’s watch that met all the needs of a diver while keeping an affordable price.

Soon, the first models of the CHRIS BENZ collection were released in stores and aroused a real enthusiasm among divers. Without expensive advertising campaigns, the CHRIS BENZ brand quickly became a reference in Germany and then abroad.

Today, the range includes 13 models in more than 131 versions.

Features of CHRIS BENZ watches

The CHRIS BENZ collection of diver’s watches is characterized by an ergonomic design, high reliability of the instruments, excellent quality of workmanship and water resistance to a depth of 200 metres.

Last but not least, the frame is made of stainless steel and the watch lenses are made of scratch-resistant and almost indestructible sapphire crystal. To give you a comparison, the diamond considered as the hardest metal has a hardness index of 10. Chris Benz watches are positioned very high with an index of 9 and the usual watches are rather around 6.5.

Finally, the push buttons are easy to use even with neoprene gloves.

The white shark test

To demonstrate the resistance of CHRIS BENZ watches, the designers subjected them to the bite of great white sharks. This test took place in South Africa, at the Shark Alley dive site, under the guidance of André Hartmann and other shark experts.

The watches that have passed this test carry the SHARK PROOF label. However, for safety reasons, never try to repeat this test during your next dive.