Biki, World’s First Bionic Underwater Drone

by spotmydive

Biki is a friendly bionic robot fish that will, perhaps, accompany us in our dives. Designed by Robosea Chinese company this small fish can go down to 60 meters deep. Its structure, very strong natural rubber and highly elastic alloy, can withstand both warm waters and Antarctic waters.

Characteristics of Biki

  • – This small robot is capable of taking photos and videos, under water, with a autonomy of 2 h20 in 4K.
  • – Thanks to 2 LEDs placed on each side of its head, it can be used even in the dark.
  • – Its built-in stabilizer allows it to get sharp photos and smooth videos.
  • Infrared rays allow it to avoid all obstacles.
  • – At the end of the battery, a GPS chip allows Biki to automatically return to its base.
  • – By connecting to Wifi, you can send photos and videos to networks.
  • – Indispensable in diving and snorkeling, Biki will also be able to play baby sitter by watching your children in the pool.
  • – Another quality of this robot fish, it is ultra silent, and can therefore swim without ever disturbing the marine fauna.
  • – Small plus, it comes with a waterproof remote control.

You can find it on the website of Kickstarter. The project is now in its financing tour and is sold at 490€..
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