Awesome Maps: illustrated world map posters

by Lukas Joseph

Do you want a pretty map on your walls? Awesome Maps offers a lot for water sports enthusiasts and travel lovers.

Maps are made in Europe, Germany, shipped directly from Berlin. Awesome Maps takes care of the planet and limits these CO2 emissions. These maps were designed to make you want to travel to new places or to remind you of your best travel memories.

Summer is almost here, you are surely dreaming of sun, beach, diving and hiking. Awesome Maps will make you smile with these colorful maps. You can keep them for yourself or give them to friends or family.

The main goal of Awesome Maps is to make the maps colorful and alive. Maps are not just boring anymore, they are now a real decorative item!

Each design and theme is creative and unique. The Awesome Maps team is listening and happy to be able to create new maps with an original theme you like. The site now includes more than 40 different products.

Dive map

If you like Spotmydive, you are surely a sea or scuba diving lover. Awesome Maps has thought of you by creating this map dedicated to the world of the sea.

His history

Even if you have had the chance to travel to the four corners of the world wherever you want to, have you ever had the chance to discover magnificent diving spots? What could be better than this map which lists the best dive sites? There, you will find more than 500 diving spots as well as the flora and fauna that you can see there.

With this map, travel from the Lembeh Strait in Indonesia to the Bahamas via the Red Sea in the Indian Ocean at one glance. You will throw away your old maps to keep only the Awesome maps. Colorful and fun, they  have  it all.

This map, already made up of a lot of informations, can also be personalized by yourself. Indeed, you can annotate it with the details of your past or future scuba dives. Display it in a room you like and complete it whenever you feel like it.

Hand drawn

This map was drawn by Lars Seiffert . This artist had already illustrated the very first map of Awesome Maps, more than 10 years ago. He wanted to give it an old school style and give it as many details as possible. This map took hundreds of hours of drawing before it was released. It was worth it because this hand drawing brings more dynamism than a digital design. It also has the advantage of appealing to larger numbers.

This card is made directly in Germany. The final adjustments are made to it before it is printed and shipped worldwide. Awesome Maps also thinks of the planet by favoring short circuits. The packaging is also made in Germany and the packages are shipped carbon neutral.

Different formats


If you choose the paper format, your card will arrive rolled up in a cardboard tube, very practical to transport and useful for protecting it. All you have to do is unroll it in order to place it wherever you want to in your favorite room. It measures 97.5 by 56 centimeters and weighs 250 grams. It is printed with fine art paper, which is thick and has no shine through the paper. The paper is coated with silk, acid free. You can write on it with a whiteboard marker, this will allow you to change it endlessly.

Price : €41,95


If you choose the canvas format, a paper map is automatically offered to you! This allows you to place them in two different rooms. You will be able to enjoy it twice as much 😊.

Like the paper version, more than 500 dive spots have been drawn there. This large canvas measures 146 by 86 centimeters. It is ecological:

  • composed only of cotton and a matt white coating
  • the colors are brilliant and the fabric is thick (360 grams / m2)
  • the ink is ecological water-based which lasts over time
  • the canvas is delivered without frame but you can buy one on the site

Price : €124,95


This towel will serve you all summer long! It is made of microfiber and has the same pattern as the diving card. If you are bored while sunbathing, all you have to do is look at the types of diving or the underwater fauna and flora drawn on your Awesome Maps towel. It dries quickly and is absorbent. You will no longer have to wait to use it again!

It measures 180 by 95 centimeters. Carry it easily; it is light and has antibacterial properties. It is guaranteed without PVC ink or solvents. It is European made with incredible quality. It will follow you in all your days, beaches or swimming pools. This microfiber towel also makes an ideal gift for avid adventure divers!

Price : €58,95

Coffee table

This foldable version is perfect for those who move a lot and want to keep this map under their belt. It comes with a sturdy envelope that will protect it! This card is already waiting to travel with you to your favorite destinations. To make sure not to get lost, you can write down important information using a ballpoint pen.

The map measures 97.5 by 56 centimeters. It is printed on Tyvek paper. This material has the advantage of being waterproof, tear-proof, writable and very light. It can be folded endlessly in a sturdy 20 by 14 centimeter envelope. Fun fact: bills in Costa Rica and Hawaii are also designed in Tyvek.

Advantage of this format:
  • compact and lightweight size
  • convenient to take with you on your travels
  • waterproof, tear-proof, writable and very light material
  • perfect gift for divers who travel a lot
  • takes up little space in a backpack

Price : €41,95