Air Buddy, Diving without Scuba Tanks

by spotmydive

Airbuddy is a revolutionary product for freedivers, snorklers ane scuba divers. Air Buddy’s primary objective is to make accessible the beauties of the underwater world to as many people as possible.

Airbuddy, what is it?

Created by inventor-engineer Jan Kadlec and his team of diving enthusiasts, Airbuddy is a portable compressor fixed on the surface to a buoy that allows to dive 45 minutes to a maximum depth of 12 meters. This new invention has required many years of research and no less than 7 differents prototypes.

How Airbuddy works?

AirBuddy is made of 3 differents parts :

  • A battery operated air compressor /li>
  • A feed pipe
  • A diving regulator

The air compressor pressurizes the surface air which provide to the scuba diver through the feed pipe.

How is Air Buddy different?

Compressors exist for years now, however Airbuddy is built with advanced technology and no less than 6 protected patents. Air Buddy is the smallest and lightest self-contained breathing apparatus in the world. Once received, you can assembled it within a few minutes by connecting the hoses and the regulator. The 12V battery is fully charged in 3 hours 30 mintues via a standard electrical outlet. Its compact size allows you to easily carry it by plane and during your dive trip.

What uses?

Air Buddy offers a credible alternative to snorkeling, freediving or shallow diving. However, before safely using this device, you will need to have good experience in diving, know the basic rules learned during your training sessions and of course respect the depth limits of the device.

Air Buddy has many assets to seduce an audience eager to discover the seabed during a diving trip. If you want to help them, you can go to their Kickstarter page.