Admire the seabed with OLU, the new observation buoy from SUBEA

by spotmydive

Summer always brings a lot of novelties. This year, Decathlon, a great innovation leader, has some good news for you. After the worldwide success of the Easybreath snorkeling mask in 2014, the brand returns, this year, with a new product, the OLU buoy

OLU what is it?

We all know some people who are a bit chilly about going out or just putting their head in the water. There may be many reasons for that, such as not being able to swim very well, not wanting to wet your hair, having the feeling of being trapped in a mask, or just the fear of losing contact lenses. Decathlon found the solution with OLU. A contraction of 2 Hawaiian words: OluOlu which means “easy” and Ka lu’u for “diving”, OLU is basically the fusion of two accessories well known to swimmers and snorkelers: the buoy and the mask. It brings a very interesting alternative to all those who wish to safely observe the seabed without putting the head in the water. But that’s not all, OLU also makes it possible to communicate with friends since you remain the head out. Which is pretty cool if you would like to immediately share your underwater discoveries. And this is the great strength of this new water activity innovation of 2018, to make the aquatic adventure accessible to as many people as possible.

Technical characteristics of the product

OLU is primarily a buoy composed of two floats that allow a child or an adult to hang on and keep a perfect stabilization in the water. One of the floats is transparent and serve as an observation window to discover the underwater flora and fauna. As Decathlon does things right, the OLU has an ingenious anti-fog and anti-reflective system that will guarantee you an always optimal aquatic experience.

The different OLU models

Olu 100 Snorkeling Observation Buoy

Price: 8 euros

This small transparent inflatable bubble allows to observe the seabed from the surface and without putting your head in the water. Compact and very easy to use, the OLU 100 inflates quickly. You just have to put it on the water and observe what is happening under your feet! This buoy is suitable for children from 4 years but can of course be used by adults.

Olu 120 Snorkeling Observation Buoy

Price: 15 euros

Like its little sister, this inflatable observation buoy will give you the opportunity to admire the seabed from the surface without ever putting your head under water. Unlike the Olu 100, you can explore with family or friends. Sizes: The buoy exists in 3 sizes, one junior size suitable for children from 8 years old and two other sizes for adults. Olu 120 has an ingenious clip system on each side of the buoy that allows multiple users to hang on to each other. Ideal for exploring safely with your children! This model also incorporates a second air chamber that provides extra security because if one of the rooms deflate during your snorkeling, the other will take over and give you sufficient stability to allow you to return safely to the edge.

Conclusion :

OLU will undoubtedly be a great commercial success. This product is positioned both in the segment of buoys for children / adults but also offers an alternative to the snorkeling mask. It brings, compared to a conventional buoy, the luxury of being able to observe the seabed without additional cost and without getting your head wet. We can not wait to try it

The advantages of Olu

  • Hyper competitive price
  • Easy surface communication with his friends
  • Head always dry
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Compact size for easy transport
  • Clear Vision
  • Vision without steam