What is magnet fishing ?

by spotmydive

Want to search the bottom of the water for “treasure”, but also to clean up the waterways? Magnet fishing is trendy and already invades the rivers of all countries.

Magnet fishing, what is it?

Magnet fishing involves throwing a neodymium magnet attached to a long rope into a waterhole: lake, river, marina …
This activity combines the ecological aspect with the treasure hunt. The most used magnets allow you to catch large pieces such as bicycles, scooters, rifles, safes, ammunition, coins and auto parts.
Most new followers engage in this hobby in the hope of finding rare or valuable items.

The magnet fishing kit

Aimant : There are several models of N52 single-sided and double-sided neodymium magnets. The bigger the magnet, the larger the objects will be.

Rope: Must be thick (at least 1 cm in diameter) and strong.

Hook : This accessory has 3 long teeth. Designed to complement your fishing equipment with the magnet, it will be very useful to lift heavy or non-metallic objects buried at the bottom of the water. When the magnet can not go up, the grapple enters the scene.

Gloves : A pair of solid gloves ideally made from sturdy leather to give you optimal protection when handling sharp objects.

Which metals are attracted to a magnet?

If a strong magnet is placed near gold, copper, zinc, iron, silver and aluminum plates, only the iron plate will be attracted. The other metals mentioned are not sensitive to the magnetic attraction.