They grow their own vegetables underwater

by spotmydive

Grow vegetables under water, fantasy or reality ?

After the underwater houses, a new revolution takes place, this time in the field of agriculture; The company Ocean Reef develops new farms … underwater. This fabulous adventure started 4 years ago in the province of Savona, near the town of Noli, off the coast of Italy, in the Mediterranean Sea. Divers have undertaken to grow basil seeds in a plastic box placed under an air balloon at a depth of 8 meters. The results all fulfilled their promises with all the germinated seeds and a concept that works. The “farm of Nemo” was born.

© Facebook Nemo’s Garden

Aquatic greenhouses in the Mediterranean

The Ocean Reef company has since developed the concept and improved the realization. Today, many aquatic greenhouses, consisting of a plastic bell and an air balloon, have been installed. Inside, peas, lettuces or strawberries grow in peace.

How does it works ?

This technical feat is due to several factors: First, the plastic bell is completely sealed with sea water. All the nutrients that the plant uses come from a liquid created for this purpose. The roots bath in this concentrated nutrient which contributes to its growth. This mode of cultivation is called hydroponics. Furthermore, as the sea has an enormous thermal capacity, the underwater temperature is much more constant than the one on surface. The sea water evaporates in contact with the bell, releasing a concentrate of salt and condensation. This soft water flows inside the dome, providing a high humidity. Finally, the sunlight required for photosynthesis penetrates the surface of the water and floods the bell. Cameras have been set up to monitor crops continuously. In case of problems, divers can take over.

© Facebook Nemo’s Garden

An alternative and ecological concept to feed the planet

The concept of the farm of Nemo has good days ahead. Aquatic greenhouses do not represent a risk to the ecosystem of Italy, some fearful species such as seahorses or octopuses even tend to hide there from predators. The farm of Nemo opens many economic and ecological possibilities, the arable surfaces of the globe being decreasing for several decades. A new form of conquest of the aquatic world develops to nourish humanity and this project responds perfectly to the problem.