Sustainable Shoes Made Using Algae, Credible Alternative Against Pollution?

by spotmydive

Textile industry is experiencing a real revolution! We already knew the Piñatex, a vegetable leather made from pineapple fibers. Last month, a new innovation has just been born. Vivobarefoot, a British company, in partnership with Bloom, another company specialized in manufacturing soles with algae, has just created amphibious sneakers entirely designed with fibers derived from an invasive alga. By significantly reducing the ecological footprint, these green shoes are a real alternative to petrochemicals. According to an article published in detours “Each pair produced avoids the rejection of the equivalent of 40 balloons filled with CO2 and reinjects as much as 215 liters of water cleaned in the environment.

Credit: Vivobarefoot

Vivobarefoot made from invasive algae

In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Vivobarefoot footwear removes some invasive algae, harmful to the marine ecosystem, that pollute the oceans. These shoes, ecological, light and very flexible have everything to seduce! Long live the plant and congratulations to all these initiatives that help protecting the planet!

Credit: Vivobarefoot