Shark Protection, A cross-border conservation pact signed by 126 countries

by spotmydive

The CMS World Convention on Migratory Species, which was taking place in Manila, Philippines, has just ended. And we got some excellent news: 126 countries have ratified a transboundary pact, whose goal is to extend the protection of many species of sharks and other migratory animals, to all territorial waters of the planet. Each country, by signing, has pledged to “prohibit the collection of such species, allowing only very few exceptions, to conserve their habitats and reduce the obstacles to their migration by playing on others factors that could put them in danger. “

Which species of sharks are concerned?

Three species of sharks and three rays, as well as some terrestrial species, such as leopard and lion, are concerned. The blue shark, the most fished of them, 20 million catches per year, will finally be able to move freely, as well as the whale shark, a species whose population has greatly decreased in recent years. These 6 migratory species will therefore, thanks to this pact, be protected in the coastal waters of Madagascar, Mozambique, Peru and Tanzania, places where they were greatly endangered, as well as in the coastal waters of 122 other countries.

Between 35 and 100 million sharks are killed by man each year on the planet: 3 individuals killed per second! This is why this agreement is a huge victory for shark conservation!

Blue Shark

Whale shark