Ooho, Edible Water Bubble Aims To Eliminate Plastic Bottles in the Ocean

by spotmydive

An amazing bubble called Ooho, will me be replace the traditional plastic bottle. Starting from the sad fact that of the 89 billion plastic bottles, only 20% of them were recycled and that a large part ended up in the oceans, designers from Skipping Rocks Lab have therefore invented a concept to replace it!

A biodegradable natural capsule

Made with brown gelled algae and calcium chloride, it is edible and biodegradable. It contains 250 ml of water that can be drunk, either by swallowing the capsule, or by drilling a hole to make the liquid flow into his mouth. It is quite possible to enclose other drinks in the capsule, coca, beer, wine… Its strong point, its price, 2 cents the unit!

A strong craze in cities

Ooho, the little bubble has been tested for some time in the streets of London, and the start-up has launched a Crowdcube campaign to raise funds and enter the marker as quickly as possible. The project has already collected more than 850,000 Pounds more than 1 million euros, which exceeds all their expectations. But before we get to that point, it will be necessary for its designers to ensure that it can be transported without breaking the bubbles, which is not the case today!