Microplastics, the scourge of aquatic life worldwide

by spotmydive

A lot of cosmetic preparations use micro plastic particles synthetic polymer.
The microbeads are used for the manufacture of scrubs, they are so small that they can not be filtered by wastewater treatment and they’re not biodegradable. 

Risks of microparticules 

Every day, 800 billion of them end up in the oceans.
Ingested by aquatic animals they represent a danger to humans and have been connected to heart diseases, brain deterioration, diabetes, cancer, and obesity ! They also transport microbes that can move from one end to the other of the planet, contaminating seabed. 

Legislation to reduce microparticules

The US and Canada have already banned their use.Great Britain, in its turn, wants to forbid it and asks the member states of the European Union to follow. It announces its willingness to go through this approach regardless of the decision of the other countries!
Microplastics are not only found in cosmetics, they  are also components of washing powders, scouring creams, some toothpastes … Consumers should be very careful! To help them, two Dutch NGOs have created the Beat the Microbeads application that give you the presence of plastic in products.
 © Stephanie Wright