How to Buy Sustainable Canned Tuna?

by spotmydive

One can be a diver and consume seafood, this is not incompatible. However, it is important to ensure that what is bought is a product of responsible fishing and not a product of overfishing or from a destructive fishing method.

Tuna box be carefull

Canned tuna are very popular, just for the US, their sale represents 1.5 billion dollars income every year!
“Tuna” is a generic term that includes 61 species, but only 14 of them are considered as real tuna. And only three varieties of them, albacore, bonito and yellowfin, are used in tuna can..

To choose your can, you should know that:

  • – Tuna contains heavy metals, mercury and arsenic, which is quite problematic for all the people who must consume foods rich in omega 3. Some tuna species contain more than others, so yellowfin tuna has three times more heavy metals than bonito.
  • – Albacore is an endangered species, so it is more than advisable to look at the composition of the box to make sure it does not contain any. And if this is not the case, avoid above all to buy it so as not to participate in the disappearance of the species.
  • – It is also very important to know where the fish was caught in order to know if the population is not threatened by overfishing. But unofrtunately few brands provide this information. If you want ot avoid the risk, chose the bonito, this fish is not in danger for the moment …
  • – The fishing method is also very important, and will have to influence your choice. FADs fish aggregated devices pose great dangers for the oceans. Many species, sharks, rays, dolphins, and even turtles, are caught in the nets, along with tuna. “Wounded or sometimes already dead, these animals have virtually no chance of survival once caught, explains Hélène Bourges, campaign manager for Greenpeace. Those fishes are released as they are in the ocean, in disregard of all the rules Threatened or protected species”.