Floating UFO home lets you live Underwater

by spotmydive

Let me present you a new incredible invention, a Floating UFO home in which you can live underwater. This new “house” floating on water is named Anthenea, and allows you to live between sea and sky.

An ecological floating house

It was designed by a French naval architect, Jean-Michel Ducancelle. Completely ecologist, this house is equipped with five solar panels, placed on its dome, which allow it to be completely autonomous. Three other options are possible, you can benefit from a turbine that uses the energy of marine currents, a wood stove or a waste water treatment system and even a desalination system.

Sensors and connected tools inform you about the level of energy reserves. When it is at its lowest, a generating set takes over. The materials used for insulation allow to cope with temperatures ranging from -30° to 40° Celsius. Anthenea has 2 floors, with a kitchen-living, room-dining, room downstairs, and a bedroom and its bathroom upstairs. Entirely glazed, Anthenea is also equipped with a solarium, thus offering a breathtaking view of the ocean. And to fully enjoy the sunrise and sunset, the floating house is swivelable.

You can visit its prototype in Côtes-d’Armor, in the port of Trebeurden. And if you are seduced, you can already order one for 500.000 euros!