Fishing magnet, Is it legal in US and UK?

by spotmydive

Magnet fishing legislation is quite flexible. The practice is of a general tolerated and appreciated because it participates in the depollution of the water points.

Prohibition of magnet fishing

Nowadays, a single French department prohibited the magnet. The prefect of the Somme release a decree against magnet fishing. According to the prefecture, the practitioners of this sport expose themselves to a real danger of recovery of shells and ammunition. The Somme was the scene of many battles during the Second World War. Last July, two men found a phosphorus grenade. Offenders are liable to prosecution.

Magnet fishing, is it dangerous?

Fishing with a metal magnet is not a dangerous activity if you do it well. All rights reserved. All objects are being processed. Remember that a metal object can be very sharp. If you bring back weapons or firearms, contact the police office of your neighbourhood.