Croatia has its First Underwater Winery and it’s Open to Divers

by spotmydive

Great news ofr scuba divers and wine lovers. Now you can conciliate your best hobby and favorite drink!

An ancestral conservation technique

A Croatian domain offers diving sessions to discover a cellar based in a wreck. This wine property is located in Drače, in the peninsula of Pelješac, in the south of Croatia. “Edivo Vina” is a wine based on plavac mali, a famous grape variety that produces high quality red wines. By embarking on this adventure, the owner simply resumed the customs of Ancient Greece which kept the wine in amphorae under water. “The sea provides a natural freshness and the silence that reigns under the water improves the quality of the wine” explains the owner of the winery.

The sea, the ideal wine cellar?

Marine conditions are indeed favorable to fermentation because they provide 2 conditions necessary for quality aging, darkness and a steady temperature. At first, the wine is packaged in a bottle that will be stored, for 3 months, in a cellar. The bottle will then be placed in an amphora that will descend to a depth of 18 to 25 meters at the bottom of the Adriatic Sea. She will stay there for a year or two.

between diving and tourist attraction

During your dive you will discover the amphorae inside a boat wreck. And then, once at the surface, you will have the chance to enjoy a wine tasting. In France, on the Basque coast, in the bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, a winegrower also stores his “Egiategia” wine at a depth of 15 meters in the Atlantic Ocean. May be once he will be inspired by this Croatian experience and propose scubadiving as well!