3d printing: coral reef soon saved?

by spotmydive

3D print corals to saved the Oceans ?

Today more than 60% of the corals are endangered. Climate changes and human activities are threatening corals health because of two phenomenon: the water temperature and acidity increase, this will lead to a massive coral bleaching at first and then to the death of those organism. To remedy this problem, engineers had a genius idea: build coral reef with a 3D printer

Why we must save corals?

Even if coral reefs represent only 1% of the seabed, they have a major role for the biodiversity because almost 25% of the world species are living on it. Millions of people are living off the wealth of coral reef, as fisherman or Tourism Company. Moreover, coral played an important role against coastal erosion.

Why use 3D printer?

In order to create artificial reef a lot of countries sank ships or other structures. Those new dive sites quickly attract life, however those places are less interesting than “real” coral reef becauset they are isolated, they provide less hiding place and food. Thanks to the 3D print we can reproduce almost perfectly coral reef color, shape and asperity.

Different projects around the world

Scientist team from Bahrein, Monaco and Bonaire already start to produce synthetic coral reef. The laboratory Reef Design Lab is working at the moment on a prototype made of china really close to the chemical composition of coral.