The Complete Guide to Diving in Palawan

by spotmydive

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Situated south west of Manilla, Palawan is the perfect place for your diving holidays in Philippines. Nature lovers will fall in love with those idyllic landscapes: lush jungles, breathtaking rock formations, mystical mangroves and paradisiacal lagoons. This area is full of endemic species that you will discover while hiking. Of course, the great beauty of the seabed will also surprise you and deserves the trip as such. The Palawan area is highly recommended for scuba divers. You will admire impressive coral reefs, penetrate World War II wrecks, fly over beautiful falls and swim with abundant tropical fauna. If you have the opportunity, we advise you to dive on Tubbataha Reef, one of the most beautiful diving sites in the world.

When to go diving in Palawan?

Do not be worry, temperature are comfortable all year long. There is two different seasons, the wet season from July to November and the dry season from December to June. We recommend you to visit Palawan during the dry season if you can in order to get the best weather conditions on land and underwater. Anyway, be aware that you can decide to scuba dive in Palawan whenever you want, also you should know that natural park of Tubbataha is only open from the 15th of marsh to mid-June only. Last thing, remember that Philippines are a land of Typhoons from May to December, so better check the weather channel before you go.

Scuba diving conditions

Diving is a pure pleasure all year long, so no stress you while enjoy it whenever you go.
Visibility: From good to excellent. You will probably swim in water with minimum 20 meters vis’ up to 40 sometimes.

Current: Current are not super impressive around Palawan, but you go offshore then you will experienced some impressive current, perfect for drift divers.

Difficulty: Palawan is a place for all divers. Beginners won’t have any problem diving there and experienced diver won’t have problem to find challenging dive sites

The water temperature does not vary, be ready for a 29, 30 C° water bath.

What to see underwater while diving?

Palawan is an area where are many turtles come to lay eggs, while scuba diving you will often observe those beauties. Almost 600 species of fish with 14 different types of sharks were listed around the island. Moreover, if you have the chance to go to Tubbataha, you might hope dive with dolphins, whales, manta rays and hammerhead sharks. It is clearly a privileged destination for all ocean lovers, do NOT miss it my friends :.