Review, Scuba Diving in the Similans

by spotmydive

Marine life

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Manta ray
Whale shark
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Humphead wrasse

The Similan Islands are an archipelago of small islands featuring some of the best dive sites in Thailand and in the world. The Similan Islands are accessible via Pukhet but the crossing takes about 5 hours to 90 km.
The ideal is to stay in Khao Lak 30 km or book a diving cruise. Khao Lak is probably the place for you if you want peace and beautiful beaches. Khao Lak is actually a small cluster of villages surrounded by the National Park Khao Lak-Lam Ru which also worth a visit. There are around 30 dive sites in the Similan Islands.
We take full eyes. We recommend you especially Richelieu Rock site, Elephant Head, Koh Tachai or Christmas Point.

When to go diving in the Similan?

The best time to go is from November to April. The best months are January, February and March.

Avoid at all costs June, July, August and September. Please note, Similan islands are often inaccessible in July.

Scuba diving conditions

In this part of Thailand, diving conditions are far better during the dry season which last from November to May. The dive sites of the Similan Islands offer relatively easy dives but are convenient and interesting for both beginners and more experienced divers.

Visibility: the clear waters offer excellent visibility from 20 to 35 meters.

Current: Medium

Difficulty: Easy

The water temperature is between 27 ° and 30 ° according to the months of the year. So, no need for integral combination. The air temperature does not go below 28 ° but we really recommend you avoid it from June to September, which corresponds to the rainy season.

What to see while diving?

Biodiversity is very rich on the Similan Islands. You can come across reef sharks, black tip sharks and white tip sharks as well as carrngues, Barracudas or dog tooth tuna. With a little chance, you can also dive with manta rays at Koh Bon and Whale Sharks on Richelieu Rock. You can also dive with leopard sharks and barracudas in Koh Tachai. There are also over 200 species of soft corals on the Similan Islands. Near Similan, Khao Lak dive centers may also offer you three local wrecks Boonsung the Premchai and the MV Sea Chart. We had said it, the Similan is the paradise for divers;

Diving Cruise in The Similan Islands

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