Review Scuba Diving in Thailand

by spotmydive

Marine life

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Manta ray
Whale shark
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Moray eel

Thailand, ancient kingdom of Siam or the land of smile offers beautiful beaches and outstanding Tropical shores. Some of the best dive sites in the world are Thai and the country is a paradise for divers. Thailand offers a wide variety of dives sites and cultural atmospheres and will satisfy all types of divers. Some prefers the islands of the golf of Thailand, eastern side of the country, such as Ko Samui for its wonderful beaches and five stars hotels, Ko Pha Ngan, for its world-famous nightlife or Koh Tao, the smallest of the three sisters, a real diver’s paradise with some of the finest dive sites in thailand such as Sail rock and Chumphon.

Others will prefer the Andaman Sea, on the western side, to enjoy a cruise on the Similan islands, considered one of the top 10 diving destinations in the world, to pass a scuba diving level on Koh Phi Phi where you could party at night and dive with leopard sharks. Some divers would prefer to sleep in a luxury hotel in the crowded city of Phuket in order to dive on Racha Yai, or, on the contrary,
a retreat on the small island of Ko Lipe. If you would prefer to have both at the same time you might prefer a resort on the popular island of Ko Lanta to dive on the famous dive sites of Hin muang or Hin Daeng. Whatever the destination, Thailand is definitely a good choice for beginners and a must for experienced divers.

When to go diving in Thailand?

In the Gulf of Thailand, the best time to dive is from April to October. To dive with whale sharks,it is better to stay from March to May. However, you will have more chance to dive with Bull Sharks in Ko Tao from July to September.
In the Andaman sea, dive conditions are optimal from October to May. To see the large pelagic manta rays, sharks and whale sharks it is better to stay from November to April.

Diving Cruise in Thailand

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Scuba diving conditions

In general, diving in Thailand offers good visibility outside the rainy season and a moderate current. Moreover, most dives in Thailand are relatively easy. The island of Kho Tao is also a preferred destination to learn about diving and or to pass your scuba-diving first level.
Visibility: 10 to 40 meters – 35 to 130 feet on average except rainy season

Current: Medium / Low

Difficulty: Easy / Medium

The water temperature is usually around 30 °c 86°f. Generally, the air temperature varies between 25 and 30 °c 77 to 86°f.

What to see underwater?

From Nudibranch to Whale Shark, Thailand offers a diverse underwater fauna and is one of the most popular destination for diving. The seabed is generally made up of hard corals. You can actually meet many kinds of pelagic like sharks leopard, reefs, and bulldogs, Whale sharks, Manta rays, turtles, rays, dolphins and even sailfish. The site of Chumphon-pinnacle , accessible from Ko Tao , is often considered as the best dive site in the golf of thailand and Richelieu Rock the best dive site in the Andaman sea. Macro lovers will also enjoy the several nudibranchs and sea slugs you can come across in Thailand.