Review Scuba Diving in Sulawesi, the paradise of macrodiversity

by spotmydive

Marine life

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If you’ve always dreamed of diving in Indonesia, Sulawesi is a destination for you! Sulawesi is the island “iron spikes” also called Celebes by Portuguese explorers in their time. This heavenly destination is a postcard perfectly calibrated for a trip diving in the heart of the waters of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. What to say except that the isolated islands Tukangbesi were the favorite sites of our national star departed Commander Cousteau! If this is not a real recommendation, we are no longer called Spotmydive … This Indonesian island composed of several large peninsulas located at east of Borneo is made of fascinating visual contrasts combining sea and mountains, idyllic landscapes with incomparable coral reefs . Sulawesi, surrounded by paradisiacal beaches, is a true cultural reserve with vibrant colors, a unique civilization that is always alive and where diving is a real challenge for senses as the intensity of the places are impressive.

Diving trip in Sulawesi, where to dive?

Biodiversity spreads its tentacles in the sea of Celebes and the seabed teeming with fish, unique models dreaming to meet you for your greatest pleasure. An ideal place for snorkeling and diving, enthusiasts will be Pulau Bunaken because the resplendent corals will dazzle your children eyes. The depths abound with varied fish species with colors provoking the emotions of love at the first sight and your hearts will discover new sensations:

North of Sulawesi plunge to Bangka

The sites of Bangka allowing to practice different types of diving and on the menu the classic not to be missed under any circumstances: the walk along the drop-offs where groves and corals intertwine with swirling fish shoals. The Bunaken National Park will offer you a marine trip combining snorkeling or diving off Pulau Bunaken, along coral drop offs of great beauty. The “muck dive” on a sandy bottom will allow you to scan the debris of coral and algae and thus observe small marine creatures stuck in natural holes. The Lembeh Strait is also very popular with divers, Bunaken and Lembeh are close but very different and they are 2 complementary diving places perfect to combine for a “sublime taste”. Bunaken Island, the Togian Islands and the Selayar Archipelago are among the heavenly beaches of Indonesia and for aficionados of diving snorkel and masks will not be unemployed!

South of Sulawesi dive to Selatan

Sulawesi Selatan borders the Flores Sea and an archipelago of islets the islands of the probe such as Sumbawa, Komodo, Alor, Timor and many others in Indonesia. Flores is the beloved island of tourists because the Labuanbajo Bay lined with white sand and seabed stands out for its diversity. The Komodo National Park is a must see place for many reasons and if you want an exotic interview to meet giant lizards welcome … If you come to the idea of tasting the country’s specialties, the Bugis experienced sailors of Indonesia will catch the fruits of your expeditions and the Minahasan will take the baton by cooking you unforgettable specialties: from grilled fish to forest rat ragout, your expert sense of taste will remember these delicious combinations to delight your feelings!

When should I leave?

The most favorable period will be from April to October because the waters are clear and calm and they give the illusion to you the divers to be in symbiosis with the ecosystem and thus to belong to the funds of the reefs.

Diving condition

Visibility: crystal clear water and infinite seabed visibility up to 1600 m deep in Bunaken!

Current: As everywhere in Indonesia, currents of varying strength all depend on your dive site see on-site for more information

Difficulty: everything depends on your level, diving on drop offs, muck diving or also scuba diving are possible in Sulawesi

Water temperature: between 26 and 29 degrees

What can you see in scuba diving?

Diving in Sulawesi means meeting fish with 1001 faces but for those who do not want to try the adventure under the sea you can admire the freshwater fish, the crabs Telmatherina bonti, the dermogenys weberi the oryzias matanensis and more fishes with these kind of barbaric names.
The fauna of Sulawesi is composed by Arthropods, starfish, crinoids, brittle stars and sea cucumbers are myriad in blue lagoons. You will also meet frog fish, leaf fish or razor fish, moray eels or angel fish, stone fish or clown fish, small cuttlefish and mini octopus … And surprises let’s continue with the Pygmy seahorses and their cousins, seahorses and ornate ghost fish, tuna, stingrays and sharks and the inevitable nudibranchs sea slugs that change colors and shapes: all will be present in the company of sirens and dolphins of course !
Regarding the flora Thalassias, Caulerpa, Valonias ventricosa, Galaxauras, Tubinaria, Tydemanias, zooxanthella, Lyngbas, Halimedas and algae of all colors will be well to go. Of course this list is not exhaustive and there are many other species surely not listed and they are waiting for you!
Sulawesi is an invitation to the journey of the senses in communion with mother nature, dolphins are just waiting for you to share your dream!