Review Scuba Diving in Seychelles

by spotmydive

Marine life

Reef Shark
Manta ray
Whale shark
Moray eel

The Seychelles is a dream for everybody. The archipelago is a paradise located in the Indian Ocean, north of Madagascar and west of the Maldives. This scuba diving destination is constituted of 260 islands. In the first, you have beautiful granitic bottoms. The dive sites goes from 8 to 40 meters deep, that is why Seychelles has everything to seduce beginners and experienced scuba divers.

Best time to go diving?

If you want to scuba dive in the Seychelles, you must know that you can go on a diving trip there all year long. Nevertheless, the best period to go is between May and November.

Diving conditions

Visibility is amazing, going up to 30 meters.

Currents will depend on the dive site, varying from none to very strong.

Difficulty will also vary depending on the dive spot. Beginners and diver with a lot of experience will enjoy that scuba paradise. We highly recommend Cove Reef Fisherman dive sites for people who want to start diving or without so much experience. This beautiful diving site is full of colorful corals. For extremes divers, we advise you to go for a dive at Red Point or Sister Rock dive spot.

Water temperature is just perfect, you won’t be cold, you going to enjoy warm water between 28°C and 30°C.

Diving Cruise to the Seychelles

Enjoy your holydays in the Seychelles by booking a cruise diving. To discover a large choice of cruises , we ask you to click on partner website liveaboard. You could observe different marine species like whale shark, scorpion fish, turtles and many more. You will also discover many diving spots during your cruise, like Mahe for wreck lovers or at Sister Bank. You can book your next cruise dive stay to the Seychelles by booking on liveaboarde.

What to see while diving and snorkeling

Maine life and corals are amazing there you won’t be disappointed. If you like big fish, you will love your dive holidays. Be ready to encounter manta rays, blue spotted rays, whale sharks, nurse sharks, oceanic shark, reef shark, des turtles, barracudas etc. if you prefer small species, no worries you will enjoy as well diving with groupers, frog fish and nudibranchs.