Review scuba diving in Nosy Be

by spotmydive

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Madagascar: does this name evoke in you a distant and mysterious land? We invite you to immerse yourself in the heart of this huge island-country located off the south-east coast of Africa and more particularly on the volcanic island of Nosy-be, bordered by the Indian Ocean.
Nosy-be, which only name carries colors and perfumes, plunges us directly into the exoticism of Madagascar. The island is famous for its lush environment, dream beaches and the charm of its people. It offers very beautiful explorations to tourists from all over the world. You can discover fascinating places where nature dominates. This is the case of the nature reserve of Lokobe, paradise for many species of lemurs, primate endemic to big eyes golden color. In addition to the richness of its species and its landforms, Nosy-be is also an ideal destination for the practice of aquatic activities. It is a real marine sanctuary, prized by divers for its spots of RARISSIME beauty in translucent waters where abundant wildlife and colorful flora abound among wrecks, caves and arches.

Where to go for diving in Nosy-be?

Nosy Tanikely Marine Reserve

A true natural aquarium with its diverse coral reef located in the middle of the Nosy-Be Bay, Nosy Tanikely Marine Reserve, untouched by fishing, attracts novice and experimented divers with the multicolored nuances of its waters and its quantity of marine species. These assets make it a landmark destination, also interesting for snorkeling. The dive is shallow and easy. You will be able to see beautiful corals there in which evolve barracudas and rays eagle. Lovers of small species will be thrilled by the multitude of nudibranchs, ghost fish or leaf fish.

Ark of Sakatia

The Nosy Sakatia Arch offers an experience rich in discoveries for any diver wishing to venture there. On this spot, no industrial pollution comes to deteriorate the underwater life of waters troubled by plankton but which remain clear enough for macro photography. This dive site is mainly composed of rocks that sometimes form small caves where schools of trevallies flock among sublime soft and hard corals.

Mitsio Archipelago

The Mitsio Archipelago, made up of 4 islands with multiple diving possibilities as they are almost all accessible by diving cruise, offers an idyllic setting for any diver worthy of the name. Its isolation gives it unparalleled authenticity and preservation. Lagoons with turquoise waters and majestic beaches of fine sand surround this archipelago of charm and tranquility. The surrounding sites are full of fish and corals that are healthy. You can even meet sharks, barracudas and other big pelagics. A shipwreck lies at the bottom of these waters. This is the Mitso trawler that is home to grouper, parrot fish and scorpionfish.

When is it better to go for diving trips to Nosy-be?

A diving trip is possible all year round in Nosy-be. It can also be a time of essential relaxation. The best diving season is probably from mid-March to mid-December. At the beginning of January, it is the season of bad weather with cyclonic risks. Between September and November, whale sharks are often visible in these waters. If you want to observe Manta rays, we recommend starting from April to mid-July or mid-September to November.

Diving conditions

The water temperature in Nosy-be is very pleasant and not very variable. You will swim in water at 28 ° C all year round.

Dives are generally between 15 and 30 meters deep. The visibility is good but can decrease strongly in case of tides of plankton. The advantage for the divers is the arrival of large pelagic related to this abundance of plankton.

The currents are generally variable. They can be weak or strong depending on the location of the diving sites.

Difficulty and level: It also varies according to the diving sites. For beginner divers, the Nosy Tanikely marine reserve is perfect. It is shallow and sheltered from currents. For experienced divers, the dive site at La Grotte des îles de Nattes in Sainte-Marie is the most appropriate. The currents are powerful and attract many species such as sharks or jacks.

What will you see while diving in Nosy-be?

Nosy Be is considered to be one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the Indian Ocean, where “big” and “small” rub shoulders in abundance. Diving cruises can take you to the heart of priceless natural sites where a variety of fauna and flora coexist in a setting of caves, drop-offs or even shipwrecks dating from the post-war period.
Nosy-be is also a tourist hotspot location with the wild and lush nature fortunately protected and preserved where proliferate many corals and marine species. It is the favorite playground for jacks, barracudas, sharks and Manta rays.
One word can describe this destination: MAGIC!