Review, Scuba Diving in Mauritius

by spotmydive

Marine life

Dolphin, Grouper, Moray eel, Eagle ray, Stingray, Lionfish.

The Republic of Mauritius or Mauritius Island in its simplified form, is a territory located off the Indian Ocean with Port Louis as its capital. The Mauritius Island is located in the heart of the Mascareignes archipelago, between Reunion Island in the West, and Rodrigues Island in the East. Mauritius, through its history, has been able to integrate the cultural influences of the people who conquered it. There are Creole, African, English, French, Indian, Arab and Chinese influences. In addition to its history and its beautiful social mix, it is the landscapes that attract tourists from around the world to Mauritius with its paradisiac beaches, its lagoons, its lush forest where are hidden magnificent waterfalls or its mountainous reefs which, formerly, made the happiness of terrestrial and marine endemic species such as the dodo, an emblematic bird of the island, disappeared after the arrival of humans on its land.

Where to dive in the Mauritius Island? The best destinations

Mauritius is an ideal island to start scuba diving or go for some easy and exotic dives. Excursions are mainly around three strategic zones: “Flic en Flac” in the West, “Grand Baie” and “Trou aux Biches” in the North and “Belle Mare” in the East.

Flic en Flac Diving

Flic en Flac is a destination of choice. You can dive in arches, canyons or in the heart of underwater caves. The dive sites are full of gorgonians and beautiful black corals. To discover all the richness of the fauna and flora of these places, we strongly advise you to dive to Cathedral, Aquarium and Gorgone. Here, there are abundant tropical fish and a vast concentration of redfish, scorpionfish and schools of jacks.

Diving out to Grand Bay

Grande Baie is a privileged place to get into the water. Protected from the East winds, dive sites enjoy optimal conditions: good visibility and no currents. There are healthy corals proliferating around wrecks, carefully cast to create real artificial reefs. For macro photography and the discovery of wildlife, the moray eels, the wall and the aquarium of Grand Bay seem to be unavoidable places in Mauritius during a diving trip. Finally, if you like wrecks, the Silver Star, Emily, Waterlily and Stella Maru should charm you. During your aquatic excursion, you will see a multitude of tropical fish including angelfish, batfish, stonefish, schools of snappers or fish surgeon.

Discovery of Belle Mare

Belle Mare is a real underwater village that has developed over time. The dive sites are among the most extraordinary in the Mauritius Island. These are intended for experienced divers. The underwater topography is superb, mainly composed of canyons and small drop-offs. To admire the beauty of tropical flora and fauna, go for an immersion in the heart of the Japanese Garden, Sea Fan Forest or the “Passe de Belle Mare”. You will surely encounter colorful gorgonians where a multitude of tropical fishes, groupers, batfishes and fish-coaches are hiding. In the Pass, it is even possible to see black tip sharks. For a quieter dive trip, for snorkeling or initiation, it is around the Castle and the Lagoon of Belle Mare that we must set our sights. Here, the architecture is admirable; the drop-offs are covered with flamboyant sea fans and the tropical fauna will make your eyes sparkle!

Best time for scuba diving at the Mauritius Island?

It is possible to go to the Mauritius Island all year long for diving or to discover exceptional spots. The change of scenery is total. Nevertheless, it is more pleasant to dive during the hot and dry seasons from November to December and from March to April, which corresponds to summer in that region. Temperatures are ideal and currents are almost non-existent. Diving trips can be sportier and challenging from January to February and after May as weather conditions reduce the visibility and temperatures of air and water. These factors mark the cyclonic and wet period in the Mauritius Island.

Diving conditions

In Mauritius, diving conditions are almost optimal all year long!

Visibility is generally excellent throughout the archipelago and does not drop below 20 meters, except in very high winds.

The marine currents are barely present in the East of the island. On the other hand, the West facade, open to winds, makes the sea quite rough.

Difficulty and level : Mauritius is an ideal destination for its first bubbles. Start with a dive initiation or passing your open water. For more experienced divers, the Mauritius Island offers a wide selection of dive sites, there will be something for everyone.

The temperature of the water is rather pleasant. It varies between 22 and 29 ° C depending on the season.

What to see in the Mauritius Island?

For a dive in Mauritius, forget the daily pressure and soak up the warmth and wonders that preciously hide the seabed. A luxuriant flora, a dense fauna, a rich marine architecture, wrecks of the past serving as a refuge for many species, that is all the charm of the many diving spots. In Mauritius, it is possible to admire several varieties of moray eels: the leopard moray eel, the Javanese moray eel, the black-spotted moray eel, the ray-eel moray … The Caravelle site gives you the opportunity to observe stingrays and eagle rays. A large variety of groupers have found refuge on the Colorado dive site. Thanks to the strong presence of white tip sharks in the waters of the Indian Ocean, you will have chances to meet them during your underwater exploration. Finally, let us not forget that the stars of the Mauritian waters are none other than the big cetaceans. Bottlenose dolphins, killer whales and even sperm whales. While some meetings are seasonal, others may be held throughout the year. Do not hesitate to inquire at your diving club.

What activities to do in the Mauritius Island

Mauritius is an island paradise where it is possible to practice many activities: beaches, sailing, hiking, dolphins or sperm whale, visit Port Louis and its spice market, chamarel and land of 7 colors, plantations of tea and sugar cane, waterfalls, botanical garden. The program can be rich and varied to suit the greatest number.

How to get to the Mauritius Island?

To reach Mauritius, many flights make the connection from the mainland. If you want to fly from France by a direct flight, the company “Air Mauritius” offers a quality service at affordable prices. Calculate approximately 11 hours from France to reach your destination.

Which hotel to choose in Mauritius?

The Mauritius Island is a rather upmarket destination and housing offers are more expensive than in the Reunion Island or Rodrigues. If you are looking for a family resort with a wide range of services, the “Beachcomber” hotel chain has 8 resorts spread around the island. For our part, we had the chance to stay at “Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa”. Pools, Spa, Ocean View Rooms, Nautical Center, Diving Center, Bar, Restaurants, Tennis Courts and more! “All inclusive” offers are available, for more information: