Review Scuba Diving in Malta

by spotmydive

Marine life

Mola Mola
Moray eel

Malta quickly became a special destination for travelers from all around the world and especially divers. Located at the crossroads of Mediterranean maritime routes, this island state still retains fingerprints and traces of many civilizations that have occupied the territory. Its clear and colorful waters offer divers a wide variety of unique sites in Europe: reefs, exquisite reliefs, caves, wrecks. There’s something for everyone even if there’s a strong preference for diving in caves and in many shipwrecks lying on the bottom.

When to go diving in Malta and Gozo?

Although it is possible to dive there all year round, the best time to dive in Malta is between September and October . In fact the water is still warm with outside temperatures more bearable and of course there’s not a lot of tourists.

Scuba diving conditions

The visibility in the Maltese archipelago is generally good going from 33 to 98 feet.

Ocean currents are generally quite weak on the dive sites of the island due to the little impact of the Mediterranean tides. But be careful on some remote wrecks side like Um El Faroud where currents are sometimes more violent.

Difficulty: Malta is the ideal place to start diving. The conditions are ideal, the numerous dive centers will be happy to take you on proper diving. For more experienced divers, diving in some cave or inside wrecks will represent more interesting challenges.

The water temperature strongly changes between summer and winter, going from 15° to 26°C 59° to 79°F.

What to see underwater?

Wrecks diving in Malta

We can explore many wrecks along the Coastline of Malta. Among them, many ships of the Second World War and other castings by the government to serve as a playground for many divers. the most impresive of them are: P29, Um el Faroud, MV Karwela, Rozi and Blenheim Bomber off Xrobb l-Għaġin.

Marine life

During your dives, you’ll find all the usual population of Mediterranean species. Be aware that Malta is not full of a teeming marine life as more exotic destinations, despite this, there is the opportunity to quite easily meet barracudas, octopus, moray eels, groupers or nudibranchs. Finally, some rare divers also had the good surprise to see turtles, dolphins, sharks and even moon fish.