Review Scuba Diving in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

by spotmydive

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Koh Phi Phi is probably one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Thanks to the central position, the island is an ideal base for visiting the most beautiful dive sites of Thailand. Koh Phi Phi Don is the main island. Its little and wilder sister, Kho Phi Phi Leh, 10 minutes away with a longtail boat, became famous thanks to the beauty of maya bay and to the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo Di Caprio. Ko Phi Phi Lee is often regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in the Andaman Sea. Although very touristy, especially in its center, the island remained wilder than Phuket or Ko Samui and it is still possible to find small unhabited coves. At night, the main beach, called Sairee Beach, is very festive.

Compared to other islands, it is still possible to find cheap dives and excellent training. Note that at night, music from the beach bars resonates loudly in the streets. If you want peace and nature, we advise you to stay east of Koh Phi Phi.
Experienced divers would certainly prefer to book a one day cruise to be able to dive on the famous dive site of Hin Daeng and Hin Muang listed among the best diving sites in Thailand. There are also some great wrecks such as the King Cruiser. There are a lot of interesting dive sites in Koh Phi Phi, for example, Shark Point and Anemone Reef.

When to go diving in Thailand?

The best time to dive in Koh Phi Phi is from January to April, during the dry season. The water temperature is around 30 ° Celsius throughout the year and air temperature varies between 25 ° and 32 ° Celsius. We advise you to avoid the rainy season from May to December when visibility is generally pretty poor.

Scuba diving conditions

Visibility: Fair to Good 10 to 20 meters . Avoid the period from May to December for optimum visibility.

Current: Low – There is very little current in Koh Phi Phi

Difficulty: Easy – Most dive sites of Koh Phi Phi are easy. The wrecks generally require a level 2.

What to see while snorkeling and diving?

You can dive with leopard sharks at Shark Point , often considered the best dive site Koh Phi Phi. The Anemone reef dive site will also allow you to dive with ghost fish , seahorses and moray eels .

For more experienced divers, the King Cruiser wreck is a must. Generally, you can dive in koh phi phi with Barracudas , Turtles , Lion Fish, Scorpions Fish and occasionally Whale Sharks January to April and Manta Rays December to January.