Review, Scuba Diving in Irland

by spotmydive

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Ireland is a European country with a very strong traditional culture. Indeed, this Celtic nation, famous for its heady songs, alcohol, customs, symbols shamrock, gold cauldron… kept its former language the Gaelic in addition to English. Divers will be seduced while exploring the Irish waters that have an amazing quantity of World War wrecks.

When to go diving in Irland?

Located in the Northern part of Europe, Ireland is famous for its changing climate and its frequent showers. Although, the country has a calm period during summer. Due to its location in the Atlantic Ocean, Ireland is subject to strong currents. The best period to dive in Ireland is from June to September.

Scuba diving conditions

The visibility is generally going from 32 feet near the coasts to 130 feet offshore. You should know that the visibility is better in summer.

The currents of the Irish waters are pretty strong. The quick changes of tides and the powerful swells can prove to be very dangerous.

Difficulty: Diving in Ireland is an activity accessible to every kind of diver, whether they are beginners or advanced.

The water temperature is very low. Indeed, it goes from 5° to 8°C 41° to 46°F in winter and barely exceeds the 15° – 18°C 59° – 64°F in summer. It is highly recommended to wear a good wetsuit.

What to see while diving and snorkeling?

Ireland and its cold waters will enable you to observe species different from the ones you can find in warmest seas, like in the Mediterranean area or the Caribbean. Besides, its colorful anemones and corals will impress a lot of divers.
It will be rare but not impossible to swim with dolphins. Ireland is one of the few European countries which has dolphins and where you can see basking sharks.
Another cetacean, the orca. The Eastern coast is overflowing with orcas or killer whale. This predator swim along the coasts in order to find its meal, often composed of fish and marine mammal.
The seal is the most wanted species looked for by the divers. Sometimes in a teasing mood, the seal allows divers to have an unforgettable diving experience – if you’re lucky enough to meet it of course.
The torpedo also lives there. It is recommended not to touch this animal that can weigh up to 155 pounds.
Finally, while diving in the beer country, you will have the opportunity to dive with congers, fish mistaken with eels.