Review Scuba Diving in Egypt

by spotmydive

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Egypt is the land of Pharaohs, legends and myths, and has an incredible historical heritage. This land of mystery is surrounded by an endless desert crossed by one of the largest river in the world: The Nile. Egypt hides a lot of underwater treasures for people seeking for a superb dive trip.

Where to go diving in Egypt?

Sinai, dive in Dahab and Sharm el-Sheikh

The coast-side of Sinai offers some of the best egyptian dive sites. From Dahab, you will have the chance to dive the impressive blue hole. Further south from the city of Sharm el-Sheikh there is plenty of incredible liveaboard passing by the Ras Mohamed drop off or the fantastic SS thisthelgorn wreck. You should not missed it !

East part and Red Sea

The Eastern part of Egypt is also recommended for scuba divers. Hurghada, Safaga, Quseir and Marsa Alam possess rich and untouched coral reefs full of marine mammals like dolphins, turtles and reef sharks.

When to go in Egypt?

If you want to visit Egypt for diving holidays you must know that months from May to September are the best, with warmer water and small wind making the summer heat more bearable. But no worries if you can not, Egypt is a great place for divers all yearlong.

Sscuba diving conditions

Visibility is amazing all around the country and is still great at 200 meters deep.

Egyptian winds be strong and amplify the current. Usually there is almsot no current in Egypt, you will enjoy your dive in peace !

Most of the dive spots start from shore and are accessible to all diving level.

The red sea water temperature do not vary a lot, scuba diver will enjoy water from 21 to 25°C all yearlong. Red sea is one of the warmest sea in the world.

Diving Cruise in Egypt

Enjoy your holydays in Egypt by booking a cruise diving. To discover a large choice of cruises , we ask you to click on partner website liveaboard. You could observe different marine species like the barracuda, the seahorse, dolphins or Napoleon and many others. You will also discover many diving spots during your cruise, like diving in Abu Nuhas known for its many wrecks or Fury Shoals home to the most beautiful reefs of the Red Sea You can book your next cruise dive stay in Egypt by booking on liveaboard.

What can i see while diving in the red sea?

Red Sea sheltered coral reefs of great beauty full of colorfull fishs. By just moving your eyes under the water surface you will be struck by the intensity of the blue-green water. After this moment of contemplation, you will be astonished by the beauty of colorful corals and the exuberance of marine life. More than 200 coral species, 300 different sharks and 1000 invertebrates are listed in this area. Along the steep walls you might have the chance to dive with school of kingfish, batfish, barracudas and napoleon fishs. Moreover, we must tell you that red sea is full of impressive and well perserved wrecks.