Review, Scuba Diving in Dahab, Amazing Blue Hole and Caves

by spotmydive

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Moray eel

Dahab is a small city of the Sinai area of Egypt. Accessible by bus from the nearby city Sharm El Sheikh or from the capital Cairo, Dahab seduce tourist thanks to his stunning view of the nearby mountains and the beautiful Red Sea. This fishing village has seen mass tourism under the Mubarak presidency but since the flow of travelers has fallen sharply as in the rest of the country. Now prices have become very attractive both for scuba diving and resorts. Dahab remains, however, still a perfect destination for diving in Egypt for those seeking calm, tranquility and emotions underwater. The many dive sites in the area, are accessible by car and camel ride no joke. Divers will enjoy amazing dive spots such as coral maze, garden eels fields, steep canyons or gigantic blue hole.

When to go diving in Dahab?

Diving is possible all yearlong in Dahab even if we recommend you to fo when the water is warmer, that is to say between July and September.

Scuba diving conditions

Visibility is very good in Dahab, you might exept 20 to 50 meters and intense blue water.

Currents is almost inexistant in Dahab? But caution When the wind rises, waves can form real quick and be unpleasant while diving.
Difficulty: All the dive start from the shore, there is no current and water is crystal clear, Dahab is the perfect place to start scuba diving.

The water temperature may vary from 21 ° to 27 °: the seasons.

What to see while snorkeling and diving?

Enjoy the healthy hard corals full of bright colors. Inside live hundreds of species of tropical fish, crustaceans and invertebrates lion fish, parrot fish, angel fish, surgeon fish. Big fish lovers can observe the napoleon fish but also different varieties of Shark or turtle. Be aware that dolphins are often spotted from the shore but they are rare more difficult to encounter underwater.

Diving the Blue Hole

The blue hole, massive crater going 110 meters is one of the most famous dive site in the world. It’s consider as the best free dive place worldwild. Please do not miss the Canyons, series of underwater rooms finishing at 55 meters with a masterful drop off. If you are an animal lover try the Garden Eels, you will observe thousand off eels playing hide and seek in the sand. Other dive sites should be tried as the Lightouse or Bells.