Review scuba diving El Quseir in Egypt

by spotmydive

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Humphead wrasse
Moray eel

El Quseir is a famous touristic destination located in the east of Egypt, 73 km north of Marsa Alam International Airport and 138 kilometers south of Hurghada. Inhabited for almost 5000 years, El Quseir is one of the most ancient cities of Egypt. The city faces the sea, hosting a major port specialized in transporting spices and pilgrims going to the Mecca. Today, El Quseir still keeps its old charm thanks, in part, to its historical remains scattered throughout the city. The city, however, diversified its activities to attract foreign travelers. This destination has become very popular for diving in Egypt and is perfectly suitable for a quiet family holiday dive.

El Quseir Bay, features beautiful beaches, pristine coral reefs and mangrove forests. This little corner of paradise is still sheltered from mass tourism and you can dive the many perfectly preserved dive sites. They are localized in a 20-km radius around the city and are accessible by jeep or boat. Be aware, however, that the vast majority of dive sites are accessible directly from the shore. The most famous are located in the bay of Quadim on the Elphinstone Reef or south of the city like Serib Kebir and Serib Soraya. Underwater a multitude of fish are waiting for you.

Best time to go diving in Egypt ?

The climate in the region of El Quseir is considered arid. Summers and winters are warm with temperatures between 20 and 32 °. The best time to dive is between the months of May to October when the water temperature is warmest.

Diving conditions

Visibility is very good in the red sea, usually between 25 and 35 meters.

The currents are low along the coast but can be strong on the open sea sites. Ask your dive center.

Difficulties: It is an ideal city for snorkeling or to learn scuba diving. The city has many diving clubs that will guide you according to your level.

Water temperatures vary between 20 C° in winter to 28 C° in summer.

What to see while diving in the red sea?

You will remember this diving trip all your life. The flora and fauna around El Quseir are extremely rich and varied. You can admire shoals of anthias, angel fishes, butterfly fishes, wrasse, Moorish idols and many other species. Very popular among divers, marine turtles come to breed in the area and are often spotted during the dives. You can also admire dugongs, dolphins or reef sharks. It will be a true water festival.