Review diving Safaga, dive holidays in red sea

by spotmydive

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Port Safaga is a small Egypcian city on the west coast of the Red Sea, situated 53 km southeast of Hurghada and perfect for diving holidays. This town has managed to preserve its authenticity despite the large flow of tourists. Safaga is a famous place for kitesurf and windsurf but even more for diving. Scuba divers would love to discover about 20 amazing dive spots: Tobia Arbaa reef, Abu Kefan drop off, Panorama reef or the Salem Express wreck. During your dive holidays you might have the chance to observed plenty of pelagic fishs or try new dive specialities as deep diving, underwater photgraphy or wreck diving specialty.

What is the best time to dive in Safaga ?

If you want to dive in Safaga better go from march to october.

What are the diving conditions in Safaga ?

Visibility is excellent all over the red Sea, you can hope 25 to 40 meters clear water in most of the dive sites.

Currents are not really powerfull along the shore but far from the coast it is totally different as at Abu Kefan.

Safaga is a great place to start scuba diving or continue your diving lessons but it’s also great for more experienced divers.

Water temperature can change a lot between winter 19°C and summer 28°.

Safaga diving cruise

Enjoy your dive stay in Safaga by booking a diving cruise. To discover a wide choice of cruises, we invite you to visit the website of our partner liveaboard. You will have the chance to see different species such as barracuda, seahorse, dolphins or Napoleon and many others. And discover throughout your cruise different diving spots, for some accessible only in cruise. You can book your next cruise dive stay in Safaga by booking on liveaboard. You will be able thanks to our diving partner to observe the Salem Express and Sha’ab Saiman.

What can you see while diving in the Red Sea, around Safaga ?

What strikes the most is the contrast between the wealth of underwater life and the lack of it on land. All the fauna of the Red Sea is living on Safaga’s reef: clown fish, butterfly fish, surgeon fish, scorpion fish, groupers, moray eels, barracuda, kingfish, tuna, turtles, napoleon fish, sharks and many others.
If you have no time to visit the area and just want to go straight to the best places, go dive on Ras Soma Abuse or Sha’ab Tobia you might encounter big fishs ower there.