Review diving in Truk Lagoon

by spotmydive

Marine life

Reef Shark

Scuba diving in Chuuk is known worldwide as the best wreck diving destination in the world. This huge lagoon, 50 by 30 miles, is officially named Chuuk Lagoon since 1990 but was called Truk before. It is also often nicknamed the “wreck cemetery”. A particularly popular destination for diving in Micronesia, the lagoon is home to nearly 70 different wrecks, nearly 35 of which are regularly visited while diving in Truk. This lagoon was a strategic base for the Japanese during the Second World War. For wrecks divers my friends, don’t search further, you found your best diving spot.

To organize your diving trip in Chuuk, you can book a hotel room and a diving center or you can decide to book a live aboard in Chuuk, which will allow you to visit some wrecks, otherwise inaccessible.

Best dive cruise in Chuuk

The best way to fully enjoy your diving trip in Micronesia is to book a diving cruise in Chuuk. Although most wrecks are accessible from the coast, you can visit more shipwrecks and dive away from the tourist stream if you decide to book a liveaboard in Truk. There are only two dive cruise boats in Chuuk. Be aware, however, that the diving vessels are exclusively for Advanced Open water or more experienced divers.

The Truk Master

The Truk Master is a luxury liveaboard in Truk. This magnificent boat of nearly 37 meters can accommodate 16 divers in its 8 luxury rooms. The ship offers 7-night and 10-night dive trips in the Truk lagoon.


The Thorfinn is Turk’s cheaper liveaboard. The 58-meter vessel, however, is very spacious and has a large solarium and a Jacuzzi for 12 people. Moreover, the ship is very well equipped for underwater photography. The ship offers the same 8 day cruise throughout the year.

Diving in Chuuk, Second World War wrecks

To fully understand the history of our favorite dive wrecks, we must first discover what happened on this side of the planet, during the Second World War. In 1914, the Japanese took the Carolina islands in Micronesia from the Nazis. After the first World War, they kept the area and implemented a major military base in Truk Lagoon. They build there about 5 airstrips to control the area. During the second world war, the Americans succeeded in attacking and sinking a large part of the Japanese fleet from February 16 to 18, 1944. It is these wrecks, mainly Japanese, that line the bottom of Truk’s lagoon today. These wrecks are now protected to promote the implementation of coral and to avoid looting. In fact, ships’ cellars are often still filled with the instruments and goods they contained when they have been sunk.

Best wreck diving in Truk

The best known of all the wrecks of Truks is probably the Fujikawa Maru. This magnificent vessel of nearly 132 meters long is covered with corals and inhabited by a multitude of fish. Moreover, with the right certification, you can even visit the ship’s cellars, still filled with bombers or even the magnificent machine room, filled with history and emotion.

Another famous diving wreck in Truk, the Shinkoku Maru sits patiently at the bottom of the lagoon. We can find two large machine guns outside and an infirmary, a telegraphic station and a beautiful bridge inside.

Beginner divers will have the opportunity to visit the Suzuki Maru destroyer which sits between 10 and 40 feets . A superb wreck diving for beginner diver.

The best way to get the most information on wrecks is to check out our article on the best Wrecks of Chuuk.

Fauna and flora

Most divers who come to Truk come for wrecks. However, the lagoon fauna is very interesting too, and you can see many sharks around the many wrecks of the lagoon. In addition, Shark Island, a large cleaning station deserves to be visited. Finally, the large reefs located outside the lagoon are visited by a thousand of fish as well as large pelagic.