Review diving in Sudan

by spotmydive

Marine life

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Hammerhead shark
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Moray eel

When scuba divers are asked where they would like to dive next, Sudan generally does not arrive in the first countries quoted. This is due to the chronic political instabilities and civil wars that have shaken the country in recent years. But it’s 900 km coastline on the red sea have been completely preserved due to the above-mentioned events and consequently the lack of tourism and industrial fishing activity. In this amazingly well preserved scuba diving destination you will find intact reefs that are among the most beautiful in the Red Sea.

Where to dive in Sudan?

Immerse yourself in the footsteps of Cousteau

This explains why Commander Cousteau and his crew came to this deserted place to accomplish the second part of the Précontinent 2 mission and this is also why they film the movie “World Without Sun” in Sudan. It’s world-famous dive site allows visitors to admire the remains of the underwater houses, hangars and other depots used in this unique experience. Nearby, coral reefs and large drop-offs allows divers to dive with hammerhead sharks and gray reef sharks.

Searching for wrecks

The Sudan is also famous for sheltering, in its waters, one of the most beautiful wrecks in the world, the Umbria. This vessel traveled under the Italian flag and has been scuttled by its captain on June 9, 1940, when Italy officially entered in the war against the allies. This wreck still has, in its bowels, all its military cargo including vehicles, crates of ammunition and many other treasures. The most beautiful diving sites of Sudan are mainly visited by liveaboard in Sudan. The number of dive operators in Sudan is fairly limited, but they all provide a high quality service and a maximum safety insurance. The low number of divers also ensures optimum diving conditions with lush fauna and absolute tranquility.

When should we go diving to Sudan?

The dry climate of the country has very strong seasonal variations and temperature deviations, from 5 ° C in winter to over 40 ° C in summer. The rainy season usually last 6 to 8 months. It is therefore important to choose your period appropriately. We recommend going there between November and April.

Diving conditions

The visibility is excellent in the red sea with peaks at 50 meters on some dive sites.

Marine currents
do not cause problems during your immersion as there is little or no current on the vast majority of the diving spots of Sudan.

Required level:
Before booking a liveaboard, you should check the level directly on the page of the cruise and the diving boat. The country presents an interesting challenge for all levels of divers with shallow reefs, drop-offs, wrecks or caves.

The temperature of the water
varies between 23 ° C and 28 ° C depending on the period.

What can i see while scuba diving in Soudan?

Diving in Sudan is a dive into the history of the Red Sea as it was 50 years ago. Its coral reefs remain untouched, intact, sublime. Coral formations include soft corals, brightly colored hard corals, magnificent gorgonians, which, in this translucent waters, draw a picture in shimmering colors. In this magnificent scenery, there is an abundance of all the typical fauna of the Red Sea, from the biggest such as sharks, rays, napoleons, dolphins, dugongs, sea turtles, groupers, barracudas to the smalles such as butterfly fish, angel fish, emperor fish, flying scorpion, damselflies, fusiliers, platax, fish trunk, moray eels. Shark enthusiasts will be delighted as Sudan is a beautiful country to admire the great sharks. Diving in Sudan offer a new adventurous and amazing way to discover a very rich and protected underwater fauna but also wreck and vestiges of underwater houses projects. It is definitely a special diving trip that should not be missed.