Review diving in Scotland

by spotmydive

Marine life

Homarus Lobster
Killer whale
Basking shark

Scotland is an earth of legends and myths. This beautiful area is full of history. Then it is perfect for travellers who are looking for some adventure. So located in North of the United Kingdom, Scotland is known for the wreck diving, the peregrine shark, and the dive with seals. Maybe you think that Scotland is a cold area, with a freezing water and animal came from the polar circle. However there are so much to discover and admire, on earth and on sea.

When to go diving in Scotland ?

The Scottish climate is temperate-oceanic. In fact, because of its proximity to the polar circle, generally, the temperature are cool and sometimes cold. Indeed the best period to see peregrines sharks is in the summer, especially in August. If you want to dive with whales small whale, orca and other cetacean, it is in the same period. Moreover, if you only want to dive with orca, you should prefer to go in August. Nevertheless you can dive with seals during all the year.

Scuba diving conditions

The visibility is very low in Scotland. The reason is the strong currents which brew the seabed.

Currents: Scotland is a convergence area of marine currents. So the currents can be very strong. Then fans of drift diving, you will love it.

Difficulty: Because of these 2 variables, the dives are complicated and needed some experiences. If you love wrecks, the beautiful and historical diving spot, Scapa Flow, will delight you. Indeeed, you can admire among other a German frigate, dating of the World War 2.

The water’s temperature varies between 7 and 13°C, during the year. It is better to be prepared, and especially equipped.

What to see while diving and snorkeling

Scapa Flow, largest ship graveyard in Europe

The bay of Scapa flow is located between several islands of the Orkney Islands, in the North od Scotland. It served as a naval base for the Royal Navy during the two World Wars. During this period many ships were sunk, scuttled, torpedoed or stranded, the most famous being: HMS Royal Oak, Blockship Tabarka, Dresden, Markgraf, Kronprinz Wilhelm and König.

Beautiful marine life

Scotland is certainly known for its beautiful landscape but also for its fauna and flora, which is very diversify. So you will have maybe the chance to dive with peregrine sharks, blue sharks or with seals common and grey. On the other hand, you can admire magnificent orcas, small whales or dolphins common and blower and porpoise, if you are lucky. Furthermore the Scottish waters have an impressive diversity of fishes Saithe, Wolffish, Black Scabbardfisch, Bass and many other and rays especially Cukoo ray, Thornback ray, Blonde ray. Moreover, the flora has nothing to envy to this beautiful Scottish fauna. Indeed we can find a cold-water coral reef and the marine herbarium of United Kingdom, which lives in low deep waters. Then if you love the World War 2’s wrecks and the peregrine sharks, don’t hesitate and leave to the mysterious Scotland.