Review diving in Portugal

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Portugal, with more than 1,700 kilometers of coast whashed by the Atlantic ocean, attract each year millions of tourists. They come to discover its gastronomy, sunshine and beautiful beaches. Portugal is also an inescapable diving destination for the lovers of scuba diving. L’Algrave, the Azores and Berlengas Archipelagos, Sesimbra are the leading locations by the divers who are looking for an abondant wild fauna and flora, and also for wrecks from the World War I.

Where to dive in Portugal?


Placed between the artificial reef of Portimao formed by the boat wrecks of the World War I, the underwater museum of Boca do Rio, the rock mountain of Porto de Mos et the famous Vapeur des 19 in Sagres, the Algrave area is recommanded for diving because it’s accessible for all type of divers. Don’t forget its wild fauna and flora which are unique in Portugal.


This whales sanctuary is located very close to the Azores and profit of a warm climat during the year. This volcanic island have a rich and various underwater life thanks to its location on an underwater mountain chain. The exceptionnal visibity, its underwater life abundance, the accessibility of the scuba diving and wrecks, are making of Madere a very popular diving spot for the divers.

The Azores

Describe as the most beautiful diving destination of the Altantic, the Archipelago is composed by 9 volcanic islands which offered a unique biodiversity. The atlantic and tropical fauna live side by side in the middle of the caves and cellars. You should be aware that diving spot of Azores are known for their difficulty of access. If you plan to discover these gorgeous spot you should ask your diving center the different way of access to these spot.

Berlengas Archipelago

The archipelago, the oldest natural reserve of the world, classified biosphere reserve by UNESCO, made up of the Island of Berlenga and the reefs of Estelas and Farilhoes-Forcadas. Its turquoise waters and its evocation of oceanic aquarium, make dream many divers.


This bay shelter the spot of Ponta Furada and the River Gyrara which is a wreck where is living a large amont of marine species. The supporters of snorkelling will find their happiness on the Alentejo coast, in the south of Sesimbra.

Best time to go ?

Located in the south of the european continent, the water temperature stay mild. the months of April to September are the most pleasant because of the water temperature. To enjoy the tropical fauna, you have to come dive during the summer. If, nonetheless, you want to avoid the touristic season, you will have to book your dive trip outside the summer period.

Scuba diving conditions

The visibility is good even very good in the different islands of the Atlantic ocean.

The ocean currents can be very important on the Atlantic coast, knowing that, ask precise informations at your diving center.

Difficulty: the variety of the diving spot allows to all divers to find their happiness. However, the spot of Baixa do Broeiro et Baixa Algada are reserved to the most experimented divers due to the marines currents.

The water temperature fluctuate between 60°F in Winter from December to May and 78°C the summer from July to september

What to see while diving and snorkeling?

The diving spot in Portugal are richness and various. We observe the meeting between tropical fauna and atlantic fauna. The caves and cliffs are many and the boat wrecks transforme the seabed in a beautiful underwater museum we can reach as of 30 meters of depht. The unique biodiversity will allow you to meet the serioles, triggerfish, sars, congers and sunfish. During the summer, you will be able to observe at Sesimbra the tropicale fauna which live in the canyon and caves of the bay.