Review diving in Perhentian Islands

by spotmydive

Marine life

Reef Shark
Manta ray
Whale shark
Zebra shark

For all travelers wishing to visit Malaysia for dive trip, the Perhentian islands is an absolut necessity. This archipelago located in the Southern part of the China Sea is 19 km from the Malaysian coast and 64 km from the Thai shores. The two main islands, Perhentian Besar Big Perhentian and Perhentian Kecil Small Perhentian welcome every year many travelers in search of diving holiday and wanting a break from the modern world. The government has taken measures to minimize the environmental impact of tourism electricity produced by wind turbines, water from natural sources, regulated sports …. The islands of the archipelago are part of Pulau Redang National park, which means that fishing is prohibited there and therefore that coral reefs are protected.

The Perhentian Islands are a great destination for the ones who loves beautiful beaches worthy of a postcard: coconut palms, turquoise sea, white sand … but also for lovers of swimming, snorkeling and diving. While snorkeling or diving, you will discover an exuberant and well preserved tropical fauna and flora. Underwater you’ll see sergeants major, parrot fish, surgeon fish, trigger fish and even stingrays. There is plenty of dive spots with drop offs, caves and wrecks. The most famous are Vietnamese Wreck and Sugar Wreck. If you go there you should definitly dive on The Pinnacle Tokong Laut.


Malaysia is a country that observes Islamic customs. Thus, alcohol and light clothes are not recommended. Be aware, however, that no sanctions are imposed on tourists who do not respect the local customs.

Best time to go diving in Perhentian Islands?

The best time to go to the Perhentian islands is between the months of April and September. During the other months of the year, the islands are virtually inaccessible due to irregular connections with the mainland but also because of the monsoon that brings heavy rain. Most of the resorts and dive shops are closed out of the season.

Scuba Diving conditions

The visibility on the islands varies from 10 to 20 meters which is good but not excellent.

There is few or no currents around the islands. As most dive spots present no difficulties, the islands are ideal to learn to dive or to pass the Open Water Diver Level 1 diving.

The temperature of the water remains hot throughout the year ranging between 27° and 32°C.

What to see while diving and snorkelinge?

In the Perhentian islands, we find the usual fauna and flora of the Gulf of Thailand, whose most emblematic species are the reef sharks, turtles and occasionally manta rays and whale sharks. Expect to also cross many stingrays, barracudas, lion fish, nudibranchs and many other beautiful creatures. Further south of the archipelago, around the island of Rendang, there are many snorkeling spots and beautiful diving spots. The Corals around there creates amazing aquatic natural gardens that underwater photography enthusiasts would enjoy very much.