Review diving in Normandy

by spotmydive

Marine life

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The Normandy area, is a French region situated in the northwest of France, bordered by the Manche. It is not the seabed which does the fame of Norman dive sites, but relics of the Allied landings in 1944. Indeed, the Norman Coasts are a huge marine graveyard. In Arromanches, you have the choice among a hundred sunken ships, some of them are really well preserved. We recommend you to dive the Uss Susan B Anthony, an American steam freighter. She sank in June 1944, by hitting a german mine and now lied under 30 metres of the bottom. There is also «The Harpagas», beautifull wreck at 12 metters deep. This merchand ship, was sunk by a german mine in Agust 1944.
So now you can understand why Normandy hidden probably the best dive spots in Europe.

Best periods to go diving in Normandy?

In the Manche, the water is warmer in summer, the best period to there is between June to August.

Scuba Diving condition

Visibility: the sand, the wind, the currents and the Northwest wind storm, will lower drastically the visibility. In the worst condition visibility can drop to 1,5m but it’s could reach 10 meters in summer.

Current: Currents can be quite violent in the Manche as in Brittany, that’s why, it is recommended to, dive at slack time.

Difficulties: wreck dive are accessible at every levels, novice and experienced. However, you must beware about currents and inquire about schedules of tides.

The water temperature: in Normandy, the temperature of the water can vary between 9°C in winter, and 18/19°C in summer. To enjoy scuba diving we advised you a warm 7mm wetsuit.

What to see while diving?

Paradise for wrecks diving

Over the years, wrecks have become artificial reefs, and are haven for a multitude species of fish. You will encounter school of cods, hundreds of sea bass, many Pollock and dory.