Review diving in Majorca

by spotmydive

Marine life

Moray eel
Sarpa salpa

The island of Mallorca, Majorca in english, is located in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Valencia and Barcelona. It’s the biggest and most populated of the Balearic Islands with 875,277 inhabitants spread over 1419,215 sqare milles. This last decades, the tourism have grown strongly representing today 70% of the PIB of the Island. Besides a large number of foreigners choosed Majorca as their place of leisure for the year, mostly German and British people. However the island attract a lot of vacationers looking for an ideal diving trip. The diving in Majorca offers a large number of possibilities. With around 360 beaches and white sand creecks, the diving clubs sprang as mushrooms and offer to divers to explore the many diving spots of the island. 5 protected marina natural park are accessible to the divers : el Llevant, el Migjorn, La Badia de Palma, de Toro, the Isle Malgrats. Each of one have their own restrictions and regulations. Also you should ask to your diving center further informations on this point. We find in Majorca some very various diving spot, such as hundreds of underwater caves, verticals drops offs which disapear in the depths of the sea, some gostly shipwrecks and, of course, an amazing underwater life. Among the 5O diving spots widespread on the coast, the favorite of the divers are those of Zona Cabo Formentor, Dragonera, Isla del toro, Es Colomer, Túneles del amor.

When to go diving in Majorqua?

The climat of the Island is typically mediterranean with soft winter and warm summer. The best moment for diving is summer season from june to september. Nevertheless if you want to avoid tourist attendance, the months of september and october are the most recommanded.

Diving conditions

The visibility is very high in Majorca. The Mediterranean Sea which borde the Balearic archipelago is very clear and limpid offering an ideal pictures for practicing diving in the area of Alcudia archipelago.

The ocean currents: all the divers will find their happiness in Majorca. From the beginner to the experienced diver, the reefs offer a playing area for all.

The water temperature can vary between 57,2F° in february untill 78,8F° in summer.

What to see while diving?

Underwater vegetations in the Balearic

The sea bottoms of the island are mostly constitute of rocks, we find hundreds of caves, cracks, crevisses and other underwater crossing. The very diversified marine wildlife include gorgeous gorgonians, colorfull sponge, surprising corallogenics algeas and grasslands of posidonia meadow.

The wildlife and species of Majorca

Underwater, we discover all the typical wildlife of the Mediterranean which include grouper, Mediterranean bream, forbeards, sar, barracuda, corbs, sea bream, morays, congers, octopus, cuttlefishes or lobster and nudibranchs. If you are passionated of underwater pictures, you will find beautiful subjects in the nudibranchs but also among the big specimens such as sea turtles, the tunas et sometimes dolphins.