Review diving in Madagascar

by spotmydive

Marine life

Manta ray
Whale shark
Moray eel
Humpback whale

Madagascar also called island continent is a gigantic island. Its vegetation is very varies, from the jungle to the savannah and counting hundreds of white sandy beaches. Its landscapes where the baobabs and the rice fields are mixed, illustrate the situation of Madagascar, island between Africa and Asia. In addition, the seabed has nothing to envy to the wonders of the land. Life is very dense and varied. There are 4 major diving areas: Nosy Be, the Mitsio archipelago, Sainte-Marie Island and the archipelago of the Radames.

Nosy Be, also known as the “Perfume Island”, is located near the Mozambique Channel. Its waters are very varied with coral beds and rocky bottoms. Big and small fishes have taken shelter among underwater walls and ship wrecks. Without saying that Mantas and Whale sharks are often passing by.

In a totally different atmosphere, the Mitsio archipelago offers to visitors charm and tranquility. This remote areas with almost no human activity is extremely well preserved.

On the other hand, the island of Sainte-Marie, located to the east of Madagascar, provokes every visit a lot of emotion. It is famous for its lush forest, paradisiacal beaches, pirate legends and especially for its underwater treasures. This island is, indeed, the sanctuary of humpback whales and southern whales during the breeding season.

Finally, the archipelago of the Radames, called Turtle Island is the place to go if you want to swim or dive with … turtles! The Radames’ funds are characterized by impressive underwater architectures arches, tombs, cellars, etc., where life has proliferated.

Best time to go diving in Madagascar

To dive in Madagascar, the best time is from April to December.

Diving conditions

Visibility is good in Madagascar, be ready to enjoy clear water with 15 to 30 meters vis’. Nevertheless some time there is huge tides full of plankton, but this will brings huge pelagic to you!

Currents varies depending on the dive spot from weak to super strong.

Difficulty varies also a lot depending on the dive sites. We highly recommend the protected marine park of Nosy Tanikely for beginner divers. This place in Nosy Be isn’t deep and protected from current. For more experienced divers, why not try the dive site:”La Grotte des îles de Nattes” in Sainte-Marie. Be ready to experienced massive drift dive with sharks and school of jack fish.

Water temperature does not vary a lot from 24°C to 29°C.

Diving cruise in Madagascar

Start your diving cruise in Nosy Be, to observe many whales all around the region. Then dive into the islands around Nosy Be with a sea life like sharks or manta rays. Also enjoy its reefs still intact. So do not hesitate and dive with our partner liveboard at the best rates.

What to see underwater while diving and snorkeling?

The seabed of Madagascar is extremely rich and very well preserved. You will observe a multitude of corals hard and soft, gorgonians and anemones. Wildlife is also very important. Indeed, in addition to the beautiful tropical fish, such as bat fish, surgeon fish, angel fish, butterfly fish, nudibranchs, clown fish, groupers, trevally or barracudas. Moreover, all year round you will scuba dive with green turtles, dolphins and pilot whales. But also during your diving trip you will encounter for sure sharks. The luckiest diver will have the chance to dive with humpback whales, from July to November, with whale sharks from October to December and manta rays and devil rays between October and December.